The Secret to Picking the Right Furniture for Your Home

As we all know, choosing the right furniture is more than falling in love with its initial beauty. But do you really know what your priorities should be when you buy a piece of furniture?


The truth is that the key to setting a standard for your home décor style is to choose furniture wisely. However, the value of good furniture doesn’t merely stop at the aesthetics; it is also functional, long lasting and inspiring, while it adheres to a style statement and becomes the very embodiment of your personal style. However, going wrong with furniture is all too common. Adding an expensive super-sized couch in a small room will make it look cramped and take away from the beauty of the exquisitely detailed piece, choosing a settee a tad too small will make the space look incomplete, and choosing a chair design that doesn’t blend to perfection to your home’s personal décor style will result in an all-too-confused look.

The Concept – To begin with, decide on what kind of look you want to achieve. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and it may help to collect a few scraps of finishes swatches and designs to have a starting point. If the furniture needs to blend with the remaining furniture of the room, keep their style, design and finish in mind. If it has to become a focal point, for example a vintage trunk coffee table or Victorian style armchairs, make sure you still adhere to the colour palette and think of ways to add a personal touch.

The Construction – Believe it or not, the construction of your furniture will impact its durability as well as comfort level. If you are a renter looking for cheap furniture that can easily be dismantled and moved, choose light weight wrought irons and particle board. If you want something solid and classy, solid wood is the way to go. However, make sure that the price is consistent with your expectations for how long the piece is going to last. To ascertain comfort, always give any piece of furniture you buy a ‘test drive’. In the end, no matter how beautiful your new upholstery piece is, you won’t enjoy it if it’s not comfortable.

The Silhouette – Now comes the shape and size of the furniture piece. Not only must it be perfect for the space available, it should always be in sync with the scale of the room, as well as the other furniture elements. It is also important to choose a silhouette that you will love now and in the future; which is why your furniture style must always conform to your décor style – be it modern and simplistic, traditional and classical, or casual and colourful.

The Functionality – As homes grow smaller, it is now a must to choose furniture pieces that are highly functional and versatile. If you want your living spaces to be neat and organized, then choose versatile furniture. Beds with storage boxes and drawers, sofas and poufs with internal storage, coffee tables with adjustable heights and inbuilt LED lights and armchairs with added functions like reclining and footrests are just a few example. Explore your options and find furniture pieces that offer you more with less.

The Personality – Every furniture piece has its own personality and something that has an element of the unexpected will always create a bigger impact. In a small home, look for expected designs and finishing details in the smaller pieces – an ottoman, some kitchen stools, a bar cabinet etc. In larger homes, let the bigger pieces like the bed and its headrest, or the sofa itself or even the entertainment unit have a ‘WOW’ factor for achieving a perfectly stylish look with just a single piece of furniture.

Remember, the style and construction of the furniture has to last many years, so considering the distinct details and quality of construction of a particular piece is a good way to help seal the deal. And a little creativity in changing fabrics and finishes to get a brand new look never hurts!

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