5 makeup tips for women who wear glasses

Do you wear glasses and often wonder how to apply eye makeup in a way that your glasses don’t hide the effort you have out in to accentuating your eyes?


Many women prefer glasses over contact lenses. And some women actually wear comfort glasses that allow them to not stress out their eyes while they are at work, but sadly do hide their subtle makeup. So here are a few tips on how you can highlight your beautiful eyes in a way that glasses actually become your own personal style statement!

1.      Highlight your eyebrows –

You might not know this, but the eyebrows actually give definition to your eyes as well as your entire face. Most women simply ignore their eyebrows, giving more attention to their eyelids and eyelashes. But for women who wear glasses, defining the brows is a fool-proof tip to accentuate the eyes. According to beauty experts, for women who wear glasses, the frame of the glasses is what grabs the attention the most. And this is why using an eyebrow pencil makes a lot of difference. Fill in the gaps between your brows, and make them darker. It helps to always keep your brows well shaped, since you will be highlighting them every day. Pull out the extra hair using tweezers, and then use a good quality eyebrow pencil or a powder to define your brows.

2.      Don’t forget about your lower lid –

What do we do when we think of eye makeup? Lining the upper lid, putting tons of eye shadow and adding volume to lashes with mascara is what most of us think of when we use eye makeup. But then, your glasses hide all of this work! So a foolproof way to accentuate your eyes if you are bespectacled is to line the lower lid! Intrigued? Beauty experts recommend you double line the lower lid. Use the same colour if you want a formal, every day look. And for a funky look, use two complementary colours to add a ‘glam’ effect.

3.      Simple is best –

Now most women choose to wear their glasses in colourful frames. Blue, red, green are all very popular colours for frames. So that in itself is drawing enough attention to the eyes, don’t you think? The best way to choose eye makeup colours is to stick to soft colours, so that they don’t clash with the jazzy frames. That makes more sense, doesn’t it? Choose soft colours like beige, light pink, light greys and soft browns to highlight your eyes without looking like a circus clown!


4.      Apply mascara the right way –

Many women choose to apply mascara both to their upper lashes as well as lower lashes. But for women who wear glasses, using mascara on the lower lashes can be a huge mistake. Why, you may ask? Well, highlighting your lower lash can cast a shadow under eyes, creating an illusion of dark circles. The light reflects back from the frame and makes your under eye area look darker. So it is best to only highlight upper lashes. Use volume boosting mascara, which adds to the length and thickness of your lashes. Put two coats for a better look! But make sure you don’t form clumps.

5.      Don’t apply eye makeup with shimmer –

We know all you girls love shimmer and sparkle. But if you wear glasses, it is best to use shimmer and sparkle in your outfit or your lipstick and avoid eye makeup that shimmers. Since glasses amplify and reflect everything on your eyes, eye makeup with shimmer can go terribly wrong! So keep your eye makeup subtle, and stick to the basics even for evening makeup.

With these simple tips, now wearing eye makeup with our glasses becomes simpler! So avoid the most common makeup mistakes bespectacled women make, and try these foolproof 5 tips for a fresh, elegant look this season.

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