The 5 Most Popular Diets the World Over

0002031489RR-849x565Every year all around the world, there are men and women who swear to lose weight and make resolutions to stay fit.  They join gyms or try their best to stick to a diet but fail miserably. Balanced weight loss diets and weight loss exercises take their own sweet time to give you the best results, and so people resort to specially designed diet courses.

There are many diets that keep your food intake under the scanner and help you reduce extra weight with ease. The focus remains on eating food but in a controlled manner. So here is a quick glance at 5 popular diets today.

The 5 most Popular Diets:

1. The Atkins Diet – Promoting higher intake of proteins with fewer carbohydrates, Atkins diet keeps your sugar level low. The diet aims to switch the body’s metabolism from utilizing glucose as a source of energy to stored fat as a source of energy. So when you eat more proteins, the body will burn the stored fat in order to generate enough energy for your body to carry out normal functions.

2. Weight Watchers Diet– A well-loved program that has been around for decades and is currently seeing a revival of interest, Weight Watchers has many celebrity followers as well. While dieting and exercise are a part of this program, its main feature is to gain control over emotional eating by providing the dieter with a large support network of fellow dieters. Traditionally done as face-to-face meeting, today Weight Watchers is more popular via internet forums.

3. The South Beach Diet – The South Beach diet is all about eating carbohydrates and fat in the right way. So if you thought that eating chocolates, fatty food was a strict no in diet plans, then the South Beach diet can be your calling. With this diet one can notice a considerable loss in weight on hips, thighs and stomach. The focus under South Beach diet is on eating right proportions of meals to keep the body weight in control; basically a more elaborate version of portion control.

4. Raw Food Diet – As the name suggests, the diet emphasis on intake of raw and unprocessed food items as compared to the junk food we keep treating our self to these days. Putting stress on uncooked food and preferably organic food items, often people following this diet turn vegetarian. The biggest advantage of such a diet is that it cuts down on saturated fat content tremendously.

5. The Zone Diet – The focus is to control the insulin level which in turn helps in weight loss. The diet propagates the intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fat in a balanced ratio in order to shun extra weight and make the dieter feel fit and healthy. So even if you decide to lose weight under the zone diet, you technically get to eat everything, through maintaining a proportion of carbohydrate (40%), proteins (30%) and fats (30%).


Often crash diets don’t work the way you expect them to. Even with these specialized diets, it is always better to consult a dietician or a doctor before opting for one of these popular diets.

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