4 Tips to Make Your Living Room Appear Visually Larger and Spacious

open kitchenIf you are currently renovating your living room, we have for you some tips that will make even a small room look much larger and spacious. When it comes to interior decor, the kind of furniture you choose makes a huge impact on the scale and proportion of a room. The cabinet furniture, the wooden sofas, the wooden dining chairs and even an end console table plays a very important role in creating a continuous, uninterrupted flow of space that creates the illusion of a larger room.

Here are a few tips that can help you create a larger, more inviting living room with ease.

1. Consider an open kitchen. An open kitchen that allows your kitchen space to flow in to the dining and living area, creating an illusion of a much larger room. Ensure that the kitchen cabinets have the same finish as other cabinet furniture in the living area. Also, try and keep the kitchen cabinet designs in sync with other living room cabinet designs for a uniform look that visually connects the two spaces. Choose a light coloured veneer – Maple, Oak, Cherry or even White works very well to reflect light and create an illusion of a bigger, more open space.

2. Use a wall for smart rack cabinets. Since your living room is smaller, adding a large full size wood cabinet will overwhelm the space and look out of proportion. Instead, choose low rise cabinets where the cabinet rests on the ground with a leggy design (could be wooden or chrome finished). For example a bar wood cabinet and a sleek tall cabinet that stocks your monthly groceries can be finished with a glass door for a transparent see-through look and feel. This will create a visually open corner, because glass surfaces do not block visual continuity. For your TV cabinet and book racks, choose a wall mounted design so that you have more free ground space. This will also create an illusion of a much larger space. Add rack cabinets in an attractive symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern to a naked wall where you can display books, photo frames, decorative and other smaller items for a more personal touch. You can also choose rack cabinets that have glass shelves for more continuity and flow of space as these are transparent and don’t block the view again.

3. Choose seating intelligently. Since the living room is smaller, don’t stuff too many large seating options. Forget about the large corner sectional sofa that will overwhelm the space and look out of proportion; instead opt for a sleek couch with a leggy design (the aim is to create visual flow of space from both above and below the furniture) coupled with one or two single sofa chair finished in light coloured upholstery to reflect more light. For a small corner, you can either get a customized wooden sofa chair made to size or use sleek armchairs designs. Same holds true for the dining table; where space is tight, a glass top dining table with sleek and simplistic wooden dining chairs that have a partial or low backrest and design look very elegant.

4. Blend together different pieces with an artistic flair. Use the same light coloured upholstery for the wooden sofa chair and wooden dining chairs for a more harmonious continuous look. Similarly, keep all cabinet furniture from kitchen cabinets to rack cabinets to the solid wood console table at the entrance in the same wood finish. To add a touch of colour and glamour, buy comfortable throw cushions in varying colours, patterns and textures and bring in texture, hues and style with just the right balance.

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