5 ways to keep it stylish this monsoon

Submitted by Guest Author Ankita Saxena

0008568024Q-565x849After a long and gruesome summer, monsoons are here and it’s time to soak up, get wet and cut loose. Look trendy and stylish this monsoon by sprucing up your wardrobe in simple ways. These small changes here and there will ensure that you are monsoon-ready in no time without any major wardrobe overhauls!

1. Monsoons are not only about wearing black, brown and grey-

Opt for colourful outfits and pair them up with transparent raincoats as that will help in keeping you dry, while allowing you to show off the colourful outfit. Wear a darker shade bottom and opt for a lighter fabric that will dry off quickly if you happen to get soaked. Avoid wearing denim or any other material that could possibly bleed colour.

2. Fabric

Let the monsoons set your mood for newer trends. Experiment with fabrics like chiffon, crepe and georgette in a variety of shades- be that sky blue, emerald green or yellows. A short multi-hued dress will look chic this season. If you are the kind of person who likes everything bold, follow that approach with colours as well. Men can try classy colours like bottle green, burgundy, slate grey and rich shades of brown.

3. Practical shoes-

Wearing the right kind of shoes is very important in the rainy season. Avoid wearing shoes or sandals made from leather as the rain tends to spoil the shoe. Instead, opt for a pair of sandals, a rubber flip-flop or strappy slingbacks. Remember to keep it fashionable and colourful! High boots also make a big fashion statement. Match the colour with your umbrella or raincoat and stand out in the crowd.


4. Raincoats and Umbrellas-

This season add a bit of zing to your overall look with a fashionable umbrella that is neon in colour or even transparent. Choose a bold coloured umbrella that displays your free spirit. Another thing that is very popular is the rain trench coat that can be worn over colourful and trendy clothes like a capri, short skirt or even a dungaree. Opt for a trench coat that comes with a belt at the waist, as that will help complement your figure.

5. Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!

Wear beaded necklaces, bracelets and bangles in neon and bright colours. You can also flaunt bold scarves this season to make your own style statement. Avoid a leather bag and instead carry a tote that is colourful and printed.

Remember to use waterproof make-up and keep your hair tied-up…it is a fool-proof choice. Try and steer clear of white. Follow these simple tips and don’t compromise on fashion and style. Here’s wishing you a fashionable and happy monsoon!


Author Bio:

An MBA in Human Resource by qualification, Ankita adapted to content writing as a profession out of her love for writing on a variety of topics ranging from Lifestyle, Health, Beauty, Critical Writing, Entertainment, Finance, Product Reviews, etc. She has submitted articles to Ezine Articles, and other article based directories, worked on websites & blogs, published articles for online magazines and also worked on numerous product reviews & sales pages. Read her blog at Beautyandthebeing.WordPress.com.

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