Creative Ideas to Revamp Your Under-Staircase Space

If you have a staircase running through your living spaces, it can be quite confusing as to how to judiciously use this space. The key to beautiful decor lies in making even small areas, like under staircase space, functional and aesthetically pleasing. All you need to do is use a little imagination and give more character and definition to this small space.

Whether you want to use the under staircase area to store junk, extra clothing and shoes, cycles and books or simply want to use it as a part of a living room, there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to do so. Let’s take a look at what you should do and what you shouldn’t do to make this small space add to the beauty of your décor.

Here are some things you can try to revamp the old and drab under staircase space:

1.   Create functional storage space:

Be it pull outs, shelves, organizers, or wrought iron racks installed in the space, one thing you need to keep in mind is to make full use of the space without making it look cluttered and overcrowded.


Here, the pull outs installed under the staircase give it a pleasing look. The niche under the staircase has been flushed with the built-in storage system, where it is easy to pile in all the junk. Be it files, books, blankets, shoes or old newspapers, this is a smart way to still use the under staircase area as a storage space, without keeping the junk in plain view.


An excellent idea for a small space, the use of simple wooden shelves has converted this area in to a display unit where all those extra books and decorative pieces find a home. It also works like the perfect backdrop for this small seating arrangement with single sofa chairs.


If you have been wishing for a home library, your under staircase area is the perfect place! Notice how a simple white shelving system has been used to blend with the staircase and the wall paints, while the use of colourful books laid out vertically and horizontally is bringing in an element of interest to space as a whole.


Simple yet elegant, this built in cabinet under the staircase works like the perfect display unit and the perfect bar. The home owner has found a way to turn this small, otherwise unusable space in to the focal point for the area with a little imagination!

2.       Create a small home office:

Another excellent way to make use of under staircase area is to install a home office setup. For small homes where dearth of space makes it impossible to have a large study or home office, this small space is more than enough to do the job with just a little imagination and planning. Install a work surface for the computer, few shelves and organizers for storage and use a smart chair to get to work!


The perfect home office, this all white study area is minimalistic yet functional at the same time. Notice how intelligent storage space and work station has been incorporated in bare minimum space.


Simple and functional, if all you need is a ledge for your laptop and a comfortable chair, then this idea will work very well for you. Notice how the space divider next to the home office offers smart storage space for books, files and reference material and gives further definition to the space. The use of light wooden tones does not overwhelm the small space, but rather make it look very inviting and comfortable.


A comfortable study area that can just as easily be used by children and adults, this is a great use of under staircase space without having to spend a lot. A simple study desk and chair combo, along with some storage trolleys and simple wooden shelves is all you need to get this look.

3.       Incorporate the space as part of the living room area:

Who said that the under staircase area needs its own personality? Make it an extension to your living spaces and use this area like a part of the living room.


A beautiful display unit that overlooks the dining table, this idea is simplistic and functional. The under staircase space can easily be used to house the entertainment unit, decorative pieces, books and display pieces. The elegant design works like a focal point and adds an element of interest to the room as a whole.


Here is an example where the under staircase area is used like a home office, library and display area all at one! A brilliant way to make use of a larger under staircase space, this one makes a lot of sense for smaller homes like a duplex where space is a premium.


Simplistic and neat, the small under staircase area here is used to house the large screen TV along with a few drawers, cabinets and shelves that accommodate books and decorative pieces. Ideally, a low height sofa would  face this wall and the view is not bad!

4.      Give an interesting personality to this space:

If you want the under staircase area to have its own personality, there are many things to try. A bar unit, a cosy reading corner, a quirky aquarium are all good idea!


A small built in seat, this is the perfect corner to read a good book or take an afternoon nap. Notice how the under seat area is used for storage to make this a multi-purpose decor element. That could be the ideal place to store your shoes or a few extra blankets.


Yes! That is an aquarium! If you don’t need more storage space, why not create a beautiful landscape or install a well lit aquarium under the staircase?


Wanted a wine cellar? Get one customized to fit under the staircase! You get the perfect place to store your wine bottles without crowding up the kitchen and you also give the under staircase space its own distinct personality.

What not to do with your under staircase space?

As is obvious, leaving junk lying around under the staircase will mar the beauty of your otherwise immaculate decor. It is best to plan what to do with this space, rather than try to put things later on as a last minute resort. If you want extra storage, plan some built in options rather than pile junk on top of each other.

DISPLAY IDEAThis look is obviously an eye-sore. The problem could have been solved by adding cabinets with shutters to still house the junk under the staircase, but keeping it hidden from plain view. Another way to go would be to use wicker baskets to store the small items and lay them out in simple wooden shelves.

DISPLAY 2Even if you have shelving installed, make sure that you keep it neat and well arranged. If you are going to be a slob and have something like this inside your shelves, it is best to opt for closed cabinets rather than open shelves.


Note: All images have been gathered from the web, and I thank all the photographers for the brilliant captures. They are used here to give a pictorial representation of the tips I make.  I do not endorse any particular company or brand to buy your furniture from, in order to revamp your under staircase space.

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    Aw, this was a very good post. Taking the time and actual effort to generate a
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    never manage to get anything done.

    1. woodenitbeamazing says:

      Thanks Andrea,

      If you think you can see some of these under staircase space decor ideas, I’d be happy to give you more tips. And if you manage to do something new and creative, I’d love to see the photos!

      Take Care.

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