Console Tables: Is Your Home Lacking A Style Statement?

2When you think about centre table furniture, one piece of furniture that goes unnoticed is the console table. Unlike a wooden centre table, a console table has largely been a decorative piece – a longer and narrower table with more height that was traditionally used in hallways and entryways. Today however, this piece of furniture has been revamped like almost all others, and it is more functional and also comes in very contemporary designs.

Console Tables: Waiting to be explored

Console tables are chic, long and lean. Their skinny surfaces are the perfect place to display eye-catching decor, the fact that they offer a limited space posing a great creative challenge for those with a flair for décor. The style of this table poses many a questions in front of home owners – Should the table be used to hold functional household items or purely decorative pieces to create a visual impact? Can the console tabletop be viewed as a microcosm of your design preferences? Is it really possible to make a statement that though compact, yet at the same time manages to express your style? Yes….the limitless possibilities with this unique style of table offers a lot of scope that we will explore through this article, with the sole aim to help you understand how a simple yet elegant piece of furniture can truly transform your interior space.

Traditionally, console tables were wood tables, and while some were hand painted and even carved, others where simplistic in their design and were used to display candle stands, vases and other decor items. ‘Console’ ideally means a ledge on the wall and in places where putting up a ledge for display purposes was impossible, these tables were used instead.


Modern console table designs incorporate drawers and cabinets where keys, bags and even shoes can be stored away near the entry point and they give the perfect surface for some decorative items. In many homes, you will also see these console tables used in front of the entrance with a large decorative mirror put above it, though these tables are now also used in living rooms, placed on the corner of sofas and chairs where a wooden centre table cannot fit.

A stunning console table could add fantastic character and style to your interior design theme. It will look wonderful in the entryway, making a substantial distinction first impression on your guests. You could put up a crystal vase with a flower arrangement on top or even use smaller statues and table lamps to create an element of interest. Some console table designs can be used in place of a wood centre table, especially in linear seating arrangements or can even be used a side table for your formal dining room. A wooden design can look excellent in the bathroom as well, where the base cabinets can be used to store extra towels and the top surface can be used to stock makeup, candles and a lamp. However, for this, the bathroom needs to be large with a separate dry area where this centre table furniture can be put up without being exposed to water.

Get the right look with your console table

Here is a look at some of the designs that are bound to inspire:

Minimalistic – These console tables are all chic and lean; their minimalistic design making them perfect for a modern contemporary home. Notice how the addition of these tables is adding tremendously to the surroundings.


Classic – These traditional console table designs lend a classic look to the space, making them a simple yet effective way to uplift your décor. Notice the use of traditional décor elements to further bring about an elegant, sophisticated look.


Colourful – For those who love fresh bursts of colour in their décor, these console table ideas will not disappoint. The whole effect is fresh, it’s invigorating and it’s truly vibrant!


Artistic – If your love for art is not limited to just painting, these console table designs are worth appreciation. Notice how this simple piece of furniture gets a whole new dimension with a little attention given to detailing.



Console décor decoded

When it comes to console tables, you want this simple piece of furniture to say a lot about your décor personality, and still manage to do that by making the best use of a small surface without overwhelming the space. And that means you need to understand not only what designs will work best for your theme, but also how to handle the décor so that it isn’t too much.

Less Is More – Rather than cluttering a surface with a little of this and a little of that, making a few strong choices can have twice the impact. Choose to display some interesting décor choices, and make sure that the style you have picked blends perfectly with other existing furniture pieces.

less is more

Style Quotient – The design you choose for the console is almost as important as the décor pieces it will hold. Sometimes, all you need is a stunning style! And the design of the console, which could be placed at your very entrance foyer, can further reinstate the style of your entire décor. Choose carefully, your options are many and the aim should be to find a piece that best reflects your décor personality with a unique, artistic twist which will blend well with other décor elements in your home.

style quoteint

Balance It Out – If your room has a personality of its own where layers seem to be the trend, you should try and use your console table to bring about a sense of balance. Try arranging your treasure trove symmetrically so that you can bring more sense to your décor. Some ideas worth considering: matching items on each side of the table, laying down objects in an ascending/descending order by size, pairing similar objects in terms of scale/colour or size on either side.

balance it out

Variety Brings Versatility – Adding variety to your console table décor will keep it from becoming monotonous. Be it through colours, textures, designs or art forms, bring in a touch of the unexpected to take a simple console table from ordinary to ‘Wow’ effortlessly.


Style Matches Function – There is never a need to sacrifice style for function, especially when it comes to console tables. Don’t be afraid to use the console in a way that adds more practicality to this furniture piece. In fact, if you have it at the entranceway and want it to hold newspapers, magazines, keys etc., look for fun ways to do this without taking away from the beauty of the piece. Handy drawers, wicker baskets and interesting boxes will help you maximize the use of this space.

fucntional (2)

Console tables are flexible, and can be utilized easily in any room of your home. You could use it purely for decoration or buy a design that offers extra storage. Whatever your reason for buying this centre table furniture, be creative about how you decorate it for the maximum aesthetical impact. When deciding on console décor, make sure your choices fit with the rest of the space. If your room is minimalist modern, use the table surface to showcase one or two key pieces. Console-Tables-Images

If you have a feminine vintage aesthetic, an antique bowl of roses and some Lucite frames may be just what your table needs. The slim frame of a console table is naturally elegant and chic. Enjoy the chance to have an extra space to showcase a few of your favourite items.

Happy decorating!

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