Playing With Peplum

style-peplum1A trend that continues to be seen repeatedly even this season, the Peplum is a style that is flattering, forgiving and can be extremely versatile…should you know how to rock the look!

Women with an hour-glass figure can pair their peplum tops with pencil skirts, petite gals or those with an athletic body look great with a peplum paired with skinny jeans or tailored pants, and those who have an apple shaped body can bring in  scale and proportion to their figure with the right peplum dress. But that’s not all! If you have a pear shaped body and want to intelligently camouflage your ample bottom, the peplum skirt will always be your best friend!

So, here a look at a few ways in which you can add peplum to your wardrobe, with ideas on how to wear it and what to wear it with!

The Peplum Top –

Peplum tops are a great addition to your wardrobe. They can perfectly accentuate your curves should you be blessed, or can create the illusion for softer, feminine curves for women who don’t have them!

peplum tops

Wear them to work with a pencil skirt, wear them on weekends with your skinny jeans, or wear them to a fun pool party with a cute pair of shorts – they work in almost all situations and can easily be dressed up or down, based on the occasion. To dress up your peplum top, add a skinny belt or simply pair with a chunky neckpiece for a casual vibe.

However, the trick with peplum tops is to find one that fits just right. Make sure that the peplum detail comes at the narrowest part of your waist; otherwise, a peplum can actually add inches to your waistline and make you look bigger than you really are. Also, if you are petite, a full peplum will add a sense of balance to your look, while curvier girls should opt for petite peplums or those with lesser flare.

Here are a few looks to try:

peplum top looks to try

The Peplum Skirt –

For those who love the way their legs look in pencil skirts but aren’t too happy with the way their hips end up looking in tight fitting skirts, the peplum skirt is heaven sent! It lets you accentuate your best bits – i.e. the legs and a great waist; and easily hides the flaws – which is wider hips! What’s even better is that they come in all shapes, sizes, styles and lengths to choose from and are both great as work-wear and weekend wear.


When choosing a peplum skirt, make sure you choose a fabric that works for you. Slimmer girls need to accentuate their curves, so soft chiffons and flowy fabrics are a better choice. Curvier girls should opt for lycra blends, twill and thicker fabric for more hold and structure for that perfect look.

Here are a few looks to try:


The Peplum Dress –

If you are the one-piece kind of girl, these dresses are available in many shapes, lengths, designs and fabrics. Amazingly simple to wear and a style that suits all body types, the peplum dress is a great addition to your wardrobe.


When picking a peplum dress, make sure that you choose one where the peplum is placed exactly where you want it to! Have a flabby tummy? Choose a dress with a higher placed peplum that hides the problem area and accentuates your great hips and legs. But if you have wider hips, choose a peplum skirt with a lower placed peplum detailing to ensure that you create the right curves and proportion.

Another very important thing to keep in mind when picking peplum dresses is to make sure you choose a style that doesn’t cut your torso in equal length and makes you look short and stout! Since this is a one piece, look for a dress where the peplum panel is long and flowy, not short and stiff, or the final silhouette would be stocky and bulky rather than being willowy and shapely.

Here are a few looks to try:


Peplum for Winters –

A summer staple, peplum has made it to the winter collection with a big bang. From peplum jackets to coats to sweater to cardigans to shrugs – name it and you can choose it!

PEPLUM WINTER WEARWhat makes peplum great for winters is the fact that it creates such smooth curves for bigger girls. Especially those who are carrying a little extra weight around the hips and tummy can often feel very conscious about wearing a fitted jacket, sweater or short coat, and have to resign themselves to baggy sweaters and sweatshirts come winter. With peplum winter wear, simply pick a design that carefully masks your problem area and is well fitted otherwise to give your winter wardrobe a structured makeover for the better! And for thin girls, peplum winterwear will create the perfect curves to give you an hour-glass figure that a sweater or a stright coat never can!

Here are a few looks to try:


The Peplum Belt –

If you are too skeptical to pick a piece of peplum without being a 100% sure that the look is well suited to your body shape and style – try the peplum belt! Its cost effective, its versatile and it will transform many of your outfits in to a ‘Peplum’ in no time!

PEPLUM BELTSAdd these belts to skirt, tops and dresses. Take any structured piece of clothing and transform it in to a peplum whenever you fancy; these belts are so versatile and are so easy to find! And what is even better is that they are just as easy to make on your own – Simply get some extra fabric in a colour you like, cut carefully in to a thick band with a slight A-line flare that will create a curvy look, and secure the two ends together with a pretty brooch where ever you want to add the belt.

Here are a few looks to try:


Have fun experimenting with this versatile, highly customizable trend and find a style that becomes YOU effortlessly! After all – Fashion is Architecture; it’s always all about the proportions….

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  1. Love Love LOVEEEEE this post! ❤

  2. samantha says:

    love this girl!!
    you have a great sense of fashion which was similarly highlighted in your previous articles.

    1. woodenitbeamazing says:


      I am loving the Peplum trend this season…hence the inspiration for the article

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