Are Bananas the Healthiest Fruit on the Planet?

banana_400Bananas have often been called the ‘Golden Fruit’, manna from the God’s and a fruit that promotes good health. But are you aware of all the nutritional benefits of your favourite fruit? Of course, it tastes great, whether eaten as a snack or put in to desserts and shakes. The benefits of bananas are numerous and we will discuss what makes this the healthiest fruit choice today.

To begin with, bananas are made of not just 1 but 3 natural sugars. These are Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose, with a combination of dietary fibre. Not only will bananas give you instant energy, they will also improve your digestive health. Research shows that just 2 bananas give enough energy for a 90 minutes strenuous workout.

exercising-woman-bananaThis means, forget all the protein shakes you have been banking upon. The true energy food is banana – and when combined with an energy boosting health shake power, it gives additional benefits to athletes. However, energy is not ALL a banana gives you. It helps you fight against several diseases, helps regulate your blood pressure and improves your mood as well! In fact, some research studies show that bananas can actually be a potential oral vaccination against the Hepatitis B virus. Let us take a closer look at all the health benefits of bananas, so that you can be rest assured that you have finally found the right fruit!


8 diseases Bananas keep at bay:

1. Fight Cancer – Bananas contain a fibre that is called as Pectin. This fibre has been classified as the best way to beat colon cancer. All your whole grain cereals contain insoluble fibre, whereas pectin is a soluble fibre, which is also present in apples. Each serving of banana offers you 2 grams of this fibre.


2. Prevent PMS – During periods, women face a lot of problems. If you have forgotten your pill, eat a banana instead. The Vitamin B6 in bananas will regulate your sugar levels, alleviate your mood and will help you relax. Also bananas fight off signs of depression and anxiety, making you feel happier.


3. Protect against Anaemia – Bananas are high in Iron as well. This makes them ideal for those who are anaemic, as it stimulates haemoglobin production in your body.


4. Improved Blood Pressure – This tropical fruit is filled with the goodness of potassium, while having a very low sodium content. This makes banana the ideal fruit for those who suffer from high BP and are more prone to heart diseases.

Benefits of Bananas4

5. Enhanced Brain Power – Eating Bananas for breakfast is the easiest way to stimulate your mind. Research shows that this fruit makes a person more alert, dilating the pupils and improving grasping power in children. It also helps fight lethargy by regulating sugar levels and offering a boost of energy.


6. Relief from Pimples and Mosquito bites – The peel of the banana is a natural remedy to bring relief to painful pimples or irritating mosquito bites that itch. It reduces swelling and soothes the affected area.


7. Reduced Ulcers – Those suffering from stomach ulcers find it difficult to eat many fruits. Oranges, pineapples and grapes all have acidic content, which irritates stomach ulcers. However, bananas with their smooth texture and cooling effect are ideal for patients who have chronic stomach ulcers. It reduces irritation in the stomach as it coats the stomach lining, bringing relief.


8. Help to quit smoking – For all of you who have been trying to give up on smoking, bananas are the best way to do that. They help against nicotine withdrawal because the Vitamin B12 and B6 in bananas have magnesium and potassium that help against signs of withdrawal.


Don’t you think it is now time to change the well known phrase ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ to the more appropriate – ‘A banana a day keeps the doctor away’?


Comparing Bananas to Apples:

4345987832_44ba144fc2_zSince banana is a natural remedy to many ills, it can be called the Healthiest Fruit on the planet. If you compare bananas to apples, bananas pack 4 times more protein, three times more phosphorus, two times more healthy carbs, two times more essential minerals and vitamins and five times the Iron!


And unlike apples, bananas also offer potassium that is the ideal way to promote better heart health. Since bananas also have Pectin, like apples, they are the best source of fibre. So whip up a banana smoothie pronto, and enjoy the great taste that also does wonders to your health! Who said foods that taste good aren’t really good for you?!

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