The Maxi Story

Always thought maxi skirts  only looked great on the tall and thin? Think again – the biggest reason maxi skirts are such a hot trend this season is the fact that when worn right, it can lengthen, create a willowy silhouette irrespective of your shape, and can make you look effortlessly chic! What is even better is that maxi skirts are so versatile – they go from summer staples to winter essentials with just a few modifications, which is why they are a great investment too.

With so many styles in maxis, choosing one that suits your body shape is not difficult to find!
With so many styles in maxis, choosing one that suits your body shape is not difficult to find!

Maxi skirts can elongate your frame and make you look taller than you are, especially if you have chosen the cut carefully. Fitted skirts and full skirts will both look great on shorter women, and it is possible to look good in them even if you are wearing flat shoes. The trick here is to choose the top right so that you create a sense of balance; a tucked in blouse with a high waisted skirt creates the illusion of longer legs, while adding a belt strategically at the slimmest part of your waist will show off your curves to perfection, taking attention away from your wider hips or tummy area.

Believe it or not, maxi skirts are the perfect way to hide figure flaws and to create proportionate curves. All you really need to do is choose the style, colour and shape well – and Voila! Let us take a look at the many ways in which you can style your skirt to take it from summer to winter, so that it becomes a wardrobe staple and your very own personal style statement.

Maxis for Summer

Each of these looks are perfect for the summer, letting you show off your sense of style
Each of these looks is perfect for the summer, letting you show off your sense of style

Summer is the time to experiment with flowy, breezy fabrics and maxis give you the chance to experiment with many looks. The easiest way to wear a maxi skirt is to choose a pleated skirt and wear with a dressy top tucked in. Add a belt, wear a pair of sexy heels and you’ll create a great look.


Another cool style – wear a full skirt with a cropped top to show off your toned midriff! However, this style only works for those who can dare to flaunt their abs!

cropped top

You can choose to create a boho chic style as well. Choose to leave your top untucked, but make sure that it is the right length. If the top is too long, you can add a belt over the top to define your waist, so that you don’t look like you are drowning in too much fabric! By cinching the waist, you give your outfit a certain sense of definition.

cute summery top

However, a cute summery top that just hits the hipbone needs no further accessorizing – just a smart handbag and some comfy flat sandals will complete the look.

top out

You can also pair your maxi skirt with a button down skirt. This look works well if you want to wear your maxi for a formal occasion – simply tuck in the shirt and add some stylish accessories like a pretty necklace, a broad belt and pretty sandals.

button down shirt

However, for a casual day look, you can even wear your shirt knotted to define the waist for a more relaxed vibe.

with knotted shirt

You can also wear a cute lace or peplum top with your skirt.

FASHION-white maxi skirt- peach peplum-chevron clutch

Maxis for Fall

With maxis, it is easy to create a stylish look even when the chill sets in. These skirts look very stylish with cropped jackets and pullovers, and hence go straight from summer to winter by throwing on a few extra layers.

You can pair your maxi skirts with blazers, leather jackets and even corduroys to stay warm
You can pair your maxi skirts with blazers, leather jackets and even corduroys to stay warm

Add a cropped jacket to your maxi and tucked top ensemble to make it perfect for a chilly day.

casual look with cotton blazer

You can also go with the boho look by simply adding a pullover, and flat ankle length boots for a casual look.

skirt with pulloover

Maxis for Winter

Believe it or not, your maxis will do just as well in winters as well. Make sure you choose thicker fabrics – replace your pleated chiffons with cozier tweeds and woolen skirts for added warmth. You can also wear a pair of tights under the skirt for an added layer.


Pair the maxi with a warm coat to beat the chill in style, and make sure you wear sensible boots to stay warm.

skirt with blazer

For a smart, sophisticated look, try a maxi skirt-suit. The belted jacket and the long fitted skirt here looks smart and feminine. What is better is that this look is flattering for almost all body types and works beautifully as office wear.

maxi skirt suit

You can also pair your maxi with a fitted sweater tucked in. Choose a bright colour for a stylish look, and make sure that the fit is just right for a structured, balanced look. And you can throw on a warm short coat as you step out in the cold.

skirt with sweater

And if all these looks are a little too ‘structured’ for your dressing style, you can even throw on a boyfriend jacket over a printed skirt and bright top and still manage to pull off a casual but cute look!


So you see; there are a variety of ways to style your maxi skirt in a sophisticated manner. When it comes to how to wear maxi skirts stylishly, it’s all about balancing out the volume of the skirt with structured and tailored lines. They are trendy, classy, and just about anyone can pull them off!

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