Banish Holiday Weight Gain

The Holiday Season is finally here! Your social calendar is fully booked and you are all set to attend and throw parties through the month. You’ve also worked hard to create a new smart sexy wardrobe to look and feel your best at social gatherings. But after a few food and drink binges, you realize your favourite holiday outfit is getting a little too tight, and maybe even your shoes start to feel a bit snug?


This is the time of the year where you find food EVERYWHERE. Family meals, enjoying scrumptious buffets with friends, hordes of cookies and chocolates exchanged and a schedule too tight to incorporate a lot of exercising is to blame here. After all, you want to enjoy the season that is filled with yummy eggnog, home-made cookies, hot apple cider, savoury appetizers and irresistible Holiday Season specials. Sadly, the result is that most of us will gain an average of 2 pounds (or more!) every Holiday Season, which is why you need to come up with workable and practical strategies to control your holiday eating.


So Despair Not…. Try these simple tricks this season, and hopefully you will still fit in to your favourite holiday season outfit well in to January!


Time to get picky


The best way to reduce your calorie intake during the Holiday Season is to not deprive yourself, but simply get picky. You can have chips and dip, sodas and fried potatoes anytime of the year, right? So make sure that when you are invited to dinner or are going out for a buffet meal, you take a good look at all your options and indulge in only special Holiday favourites. Rather than gorging on peanuts and fries with your drinks at a party, only nibble at munchies to keep away major hunger pangs and reserve your appetite for the more lavish mail course and dessert delicacies instead.


Plan well in time


If you are invited for a party tonight, make sure that you make your breakfast and lunch as healthy as possible. Rather than starving yourself all day long thinking that you will anyways eat a big meal at night, make sure you keep eating small meals through the day made with complex carbohydrates and lean cuts of protein. This way when you arrive at the party, you wouldn’t be starved and more inclined to polish off that bowl of chips! But would rather enjoy the special meal, savouring every bite, and will also be able to practice portion control more judiciously. If you are going for a potluck, make sure that you bring something healthy so that at least there is one option that is festive yet low in calories for you to enjoy.


Enjoy the spirit of the Holiday Season


While most parties are about food and drinks, they are also about fellowship, good conversation and socializing. Make sure you don’t concentrate on just wolfing down your food, but stop in between bites to enjoy talking to others. Rather than focusing on the food, focus on the company, which is absolutely calorie free! Also, if you have noticed you are feeling a bit bloated, it is possible that all the sugar intake and binge drinking is causing water retention (and hence making even your shoes tight!). Pace your drinks, and alternate every alcoholic beverage with a glass of plain water.


Do not give in to the urge to hibernate


It’s true – the cold weather outdoors makes you want to simply curl up in to a blanket in front of the TV and hibernate on the few nights you spend at home. However, to avoid a gradual waistline creep, you need to get realistic. Yes, even a brisk 20 minute stroll will help you shed a few calories every day, which put together will make a big difference through the month. But No, only because you manage to exercise everyday despite your busy schedule doesn’t give you a free pass to indulge more at parties! While you needn’t count every calorie, make sure you have a rough idea of how your activity levels correspond to your calorie intake to create a balance between the two.

While it’s good to enjoy a few hours spent by the fire, talking to your family and enjoying the Holiday Season, make sure that you also keep moving. Whether it is running errands, cleaning out the house for a family get together, Christmas shopping in huge malls that require you to walk from store to store, or simply dropping off Christmas presents by foot and not in your car, everything counts! It’s also a great idea to plan outdoor activities with friends and family – enjoy the fresh air, some great company and lose weight as a bonus!



Realistically, your mantra for the Holiday Season only needs to be ‘Maintain not Gain’. And as for losing weight….you can always add that to your list of New Year Resolutions and begin fresh with a new year after you have thoroughly enjoyed the Holiday Season! Frankly, you’ll find that after all the indulging you do this month, you will be more than happy to try a new diet and workout routine without having to ‘push’ yourself too much!

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