Travel Smart Tips For Pregnant Mommies

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing! And while it means that you should avoid certain foods and medications, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to put away your travellers cap just yet! If you are hale and hearty with a healthy pregnancy, there is no reason why you cannot continue on your quest to explore the world.


If you are a mommy-to-be who loves travelling and the entire thrill attached to it, some simple tips can ensure safety and comfort while you continue your journeys around the globe. There is nothing to fear; all you need to do take a few precautions that ensure you have a great time on your travels, without having to worry at all! And since its Holiday Season, a quick romantic get-away or a trip to see your family is just perfect!

Here are a few tips; they are nothing more than little adjustments to be made when travelling to ensure that the journey is more comfortable and less tiring for the mom-to-be.


TIP # 1 – Irrespective of whether you are travelling by air, train or car, make sure that you travel in comfort. Now we all know how important being ‘in-style’ is for us as women, but this is one of those rare occasions where it is wiser to ditch style and embrace comfort! So the best idea is to leave behind the stilettos you love so much and pack comfortable flat heeled sandals or shoes when you plan on hurrying a little to catch a plane and walk around the duty-free shops to collect gifts for friends and family. In fact, sneakers are your best option! They might not be fashionable, but if paired with casual, comfortable outfits, they can look rather trendy and guarantee 100% comfort for your swollen tired feet. Additionally, since pregnant women find their ‘centre of gravity’ has changed, thanks to their rapidly growing belly, wearing sneakers while you travel and explore a new city also reduces the risk of tripping and falling. Wear comfortable clothing as well. Because you are pregnant, your body temperatures will differ from other people around you so be prepared to either take off a few layers or add a few. Pack wisely.


TIP # 2 – Remember how stressful travelling can be sometimes? Especially, if your flight or train gets delayed or cancelled and you need to struggle for hours just to find another way to travel in order to reach your destination. Now imagine how much more stressful it’d be while you are pregnant, with a swollen belly and aching feet that make your ‘need for speed’ seem like an almost impossible task! Phew! It’s seriously stressing out even for us girls who aren’t pregnant, but especially more for you! And hence, it is a good idea to practice de-stressing techniques and spend some time every morning meditating and doing some breathing exercises. Not only will this help you cope through a difficult journey but also keep your mind more alert and your emotions in control.



TIP # 3 – Is the frequent urge to use the ladies room taking all the fun right out of your travels? You will need to use the bathroom more frequently than others around you, so whenever possible, try and sit close to one. When you reach a rest stop or are waiting in the airport lobby, make sure that you first scan the area for restrooms. You can also request the flight attendant to seat you near the restroom on flights and trains. If you are travelling by car, make sure you take enough breaks to use restrooms along the way, and it’s also a great opportunity to stretch your muscles and walk around a little. Car journeys can be especially difficult during pregnancy, so please carry your favourite back cushions to support your lower back. It’s also best to wear flat heeled slip-on shoes so that it’s easier for you to take them off and put your feet up in order to be as comfortable as possible on endlessly long drives.


TIP # 4 – Be aware of your limitations. While it was easy for you to go hiking and biking for hours when travelling to your favourite destinations, it won’t be possible anymore. Be content with whatever you can handle and take it easy. Read a nice book, catch up with friends and tour the city using local modes of transport when you are travelling. While there is no harm in enjoying everything about the city and trying new clothes and cuisines, don’t overdo and exert yourself too much. While business trips are bound to keep you very busy and can’t be avoided, make sure you carry along your comfort cushions and massage seats that are a MUST to help you get through the tiresome day.


TIP # 5 – Be careful of what and where you eat. When travelling during your pregnancy, resist the urge to try local delicacies at road-side stalls or small kiosks. Since your body’s immunity is lower during pregnancy, it is very possible for you to get a nasty stomach infection by eating at a restaurant that doesn’t hold the strictest hygiene standards in high regards. And being sick when travelling is not something you want to risk right now! Also, steer clear of anything spicy that can give you heartburn/acidity. You don’t want to stay in bed for the rest of the day, now do you? Go ahead and try the local cuisines, but make sure that you eat at a good restaurant and request the maitre d’ to help you out with the menu so as to order a meal that will be easy for you to digest.

8Though travelling when pregnant can be very easy with these simple tips, it is always advisable to meet your Gynaecologist before you embark on any journey. There are times during your pregnancy when the doctor might think it is not safe to travel by air or even cover long distances via car, so a pre-journey check-up is highly recommended. In fact, if possible ask your doctor to give you some recommendations for good gynaecologists residing in the city you are travelling to; just as a precaution in case of an unforeseen medical emergency. After all, isn’t it always better to be safe rather than sorry?

You might also enjoy reading this article on tips to sleep better when pregnant.

Stay calm, travel safe and enjoy yourself as much as you can before the baby comes along! Happy Journey!

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