Are You Developing An OCD?

Put That Cheese Burger Down!

You like to get your floors mopped 3 times every day and enthusiastically attack every dust particle you see settling on your coffee table.

It’s a strict law in your home to put everything back in to the exact same place it was picked from immediately, and you find yourself organizing and arranging the closets and kitchen shelves more than anyone else you know.

Does something strike as being a little odd here to you? Could your obsession be giving way to compulsive behavior that you know is a tad unreasonable? Could you be developing OCD?

First things first – there is a difference between being an absolute perfectionist, and suffer from an obsessive-compulsion disorder. Being a stricter for cleanliness and good hygiene doesn’t mean you have OCD. But if you have recurrent thoughts and impulses that drive you against your better judgment to act in a certain way…

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