5 Tips To Get Fit While On The Job

You are desperate to lose some weight and get a shapely body, but work keeps getting in the way. How many times has your excuse to not hit the gym been, “Too much work pressure, no time”? If you have been collecting debt on exercise sessions, it is time to stop making excuses! Make the most of your time…even in office. And this article will teach you just HOW in 5 small ways.




If you had more time at hand, you probably would be bicycling along your neighbourhood every evening. Or, planning hiking trips over the weekends? Or maybe even training for a marathon! All great ideas….but let us come back to reality now. Most people don’t have time for all these. And if it isn’t increasing work hours and work pressure, it is social engagements or even organizing your life and doing laundry over the weekend. So, unless you are very wealthy and don’t need a regular job, you need to put in those 10 hours at work to impress your boss.

But, that doesn’t mean your health has to suffer and your waistline has to grow anymore! Here are a few realistic and very do-able tips that ensure you stay physical active, despite the obnoxious working hours.

Infact, many fitness experts claim that just 15 to 20 minutes of workout is enough to reap benefits from. So what is stopping you? Find out how to get fit while on the job!


1. Give Multitasking a Whole New Meaning


Now, who doesn’t multitask these days? Sure, you don’t put that particular skill set on your resume, but we all need to multitask in order to achieve better time management. Agreed? So why not multitask your way to make room for some exercises while on the job?

You don’t even have to be too creative to achieve this, because a lot of us spend a lot of time during our working day doing mundane things like talking to clients on the phone or making photo copies of important documents. So use that time wisely, and try these exercise tips

-Get a hands free headset and use the time spent on convincing a potential client that your company is the best choice to also take a walk. Yes! Pace through your entire office while you are talking, and you will definitely burn a few calories!

-If you are stuck at the copier for long or have been put on hold by a client, try stretching exercises. Breathing exercises are great too, as they de-stress you and quicken your metabolism.

-When stuck in a long boring meeting, concentrate on working your abdominal muscles and buttocks. Suck air in, hold for a few seconds, release your breath. This works the abdominal muscles in a great way! You can also practice Kegel exercises while sitting for a fabulous behind!


2. Weights While You Wait


Waiting for a client to show up for a meeting? Or, waiting for an important phone call to give recent updates to bosses overseas? While waiting for either of these situations, why not get a little exercise done?

Store light dumbbells in your office desk drawer for such moments. And while you wait, do a few sets of biceps, triceps and shoulder exercises in the privacy of your office. You can also try wearing a resistance band neatly tucked under your trousers cuff if your regular work day involves a lot of walking around.


3. Climb Your Way to Better Health

 Smiling Young Businesswoman Walking Up Stairs

Putting in so much effort at work will definitely make you climb up the ladder of success. But while that is happening, why not climb up stairs to also keep your belly, legs and buttocks in shape? Most office buildings are spread out on multiple floors. And there is no better (or easier) aerobic exercise than climbing stairs. Remember, your gym instructor absolutely insisted you use a stepper? Now use real steps to get the same workout, because every step counts!

And a more shapely body is not the only upside of this activity. Climbing stairs also improves heart health, as revealed by American Council on Exercise. So go ahead and climb up a few flights every day, and ditch the elevator as often as you can.


4. Walk the Walk!


Now let us face it – most of us take ‘walking’ for granted. Isn’t that right? Most of you think that a workout is something a lot more strenuous, something that involves jogging, jumping, cycling or other aerobic activities. But let’s clear your doubt once and for all – Walking is a perfectly good workout, provided you keep at the pace and put in at least 20 to 30 minutes every day. And walking is the only aerobic exercise you can do easily at work. Now you won’t really think of jumping the rope at work, will you? But walking…that is possible and often even required. So let us begin with a different mindset!

 Don’t expect the office boy to fetch you coffee or tea every hour. Walk to the coffee machine and do it yourself. Same goes for walking from department to department to submit/collect files, catch up a little office gossip or walk to a nearby sandwich joint for lunch. To be more motivated, get a pedometer so you can document how much you walked and how many calories you burnt off!

Walking is very beneficial. It offers:

-To reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels

-Maintain blood pressure

-Reduce risk for diabetes

-Improves mood and fitness levels

-Strengthens muscles


5. Use your Time Management Skills here too!


You use your time management skills everywhere at work. So why not do the same to ensure you get more exercise at work too? If you have an hour long lunch break, why drive to a far off restaurant to eat and spend the 60 minutes either eating or in the car? Instead, carry lunch from home and finish eating in 15 minutes. Spend the other 45 minutes either at the corporate gym (remember to do this before you eat) or walking at a fast pace around the outdoor office premises.  Remember to carry your sneakers in your bag, and freshen up before you get back for an afternoon meeting.


lastSo you see, managing a few exercises at work isn’t all that tough. All you need to do is prioritize – and your health should never be the last priority.

If you would also like to learn about a few relaxation techniques to help you calm down on a hectic work day, read this article that tells you all about the benefits of trying Desk Yoga.

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