Does Your Choice in Bed Linen Guarantee A Good Night’s Sleep?

We spend 1/3rd of our life in bed. So shouldn’t we choose bed linen that is more comfortable and long lasting?

Believe it or not, the right double bed sheets, cushions and pillows you choose will all contribute to a good night’s sleep. You should choose bed linen that not only fits your budget, but also – washes well, dries faster and retains colour even after several washes.

This is why, when it comes to bed linen, spending a little extra on high quality comes highly recommended. Not only do high quality sheets keep you comfortable at night because they have a high thread count and are made with breathable materials, they also last long because of the superior quality material used. Even those that have intricate designs and myriad of colours last long.




And after all, isn’t that what we are all looking for – bed linen that is so comfortable and inviting that you long to slip inside the silky sheets after a tired day to get much needed rest, while its high quality also ensures it’s a value for money buy?


How to go about choosing the right bed linen?

As easy as it may sound, there are a lot of factors involved when it comes to buying the right bed linen. Don’t simply find bed linen online at discounted prices – sure, it can save you a few bucks, but then you cannot be assured of the quality or life of the sheets unless you have checked the fabric in person. Buying online is a good idea only if you have a particular favourite brand, and can find discount deals for the style of sheets, pillow covers and duvets you prefer.

For you to be able to make the right choice, you should know a few things about sheets first. Most bed sheets come in 2 styles – fitted and adjustable. You will find bright patterns in both options, so first you need to select what kind of style you want. Fitted bed sheets have elasticized ends that wrap themselves against the mattress and stay in place. For that reason alone, when picking these double bed sheets you have to be 100% sure of the size, especially if you are shopping for bed sheets online. If you aren’t sure, pick adjustable bed sheets. These bed sheets are of a free size and have loose ends that need to be tucked under the mattress; hence if they are bigger in size it is not really a problem. However, a problem will arise if you have picked a double bed sheet that is smaller than the size of your bed.


 high thread count


When picking bed sheets that guarantee a good night’s sleep, you need be aware of the criteria for choosing bed linen. Consider factors like size, the thread count and the fabric as well. And this is not true only for a double bed sheet but also for cushion and pillow covers. While your high quality bedsheets will last long and ensure that you are comfortable, the right cushions and pillows will make the bed more comfortable and offer adequate support for your back and neck.

If you are choosing cotton bed sheets, remember to choose a cotton blend that is wrinkle free. While cotton is one of the most durable and breathable fabrics, it is also the most easily worn out with regular wash. It offers a soft cool effect but poorer quality can result in a ‘fizz’ or pilling that can reduce fabric strength. Choose a cotton bed sheet that uses longer strands, has a high thread count and ply yarn. A single ply yarn is more durable. Also, always ensure that the thread count you choose should be above 175 but below 300 for added comfort.


Top 5 Choices Available in Double Bed Sheets


Cotton bed sheetsThese are the best for summers and very popular around the globe. They have a high thread count and the breathable materials ensure that you sleep comfortably through the year. You can find some great prints, letting you set a theme for every room. These are also more affordable and easier to maintain than other kinds of sheets available.



Linen bed sheetsNext are linen bedsheets. You will find many high quality sheets made of linen at popular home furnishing brands, and though these are expensive, they are well worth the money. They are made from flaxseed and are very breathable. They might not be as soft as the cotton bed sheets you are used to, but they are more durable and more comfortable because they soften after every single wash. Never use any harsh chemicals to wash these sheets and also ensure that you don’t dry them in direct sunlight.



Satin bed sheetsThese double sheets have a luxurious feel to them and are slippery in nature. These are best used when it’s not too hot, as they don’t really absorb moisture. The light fabric will feel cool and comfortable against the skin during monsoon and even winters, and these bed sheets might require carefully followed wash instructions to maintain their colour and softness.



Silk bed sheetsSilk sheets offer a lot of comfort and style. They are lightweight, don’t wrinkle and also are very soft against the skin. However, these are not very breathable fabrics and unless you have the air conditioner running 24X7, these double bed sheets will make you perspire profusely in summers, which could make you rather uncomfortable at night and break your sleep rhythm. Silk sheets need to be dry cleaned only, are expensive and are not ideal for you if you eat dinner in bed or have messy kids. These bed sheets are best used for special occasions or for guests as they are not only expensive to buy but also expensive to maintain.



Flannel bed sheetsThese bed sheets are exclusively made for winters and you will find several high quality options in flannel to choose from. They are made from a wool and cotton blend and keep the bed warm in cold winter months.



Don’t Forget To Check Washing Instructions Too!

Before you buy a double bed sheet, always read the wash and care instructions. After all, what is the point of finding affordable sheets, only to realise that the sheets cannot be washed in a machine but requires to be hand washed or dry cleaned only, both of which require more time and money? Also, for your bed sheets to last you longer, you need to follow the wash and care instructions carefully, irrespective of what material you choose. This ensures that the thread count and the fabric are both intact after many washes also.


Always wash your bedsheets with a mild detergent and air dry them to retain their softness and colour. Don’t use bleach or other strong cleaning agents, even if it is to remove stains.

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