Combining Beauty and Function: Remote Control Cellular Shades

Recently, I started to look out for a practical yet beautiful window treatment solution to cover the windows facing my staircase. I honestly loved the amount of light (and warmth) that came in from all the windows during day-time, but wanted window treatments that were easy to operate and allowed me to control the amount of light coming in during summers and also give this space a little privacy.


Daylight has a quality that we respond to emotionally. In natural lighting, colours read true, finishes reveal their intricate textures, and a room bathed in natural light has an uplifting quality to it. In fact, making the most of natural lighting makes a lot of sense – you conserve energy while you also expose your interiors to the soothing, healing properties of direct sunlight. However, to be able to control indoor temperature, you need precise control over the amount of natural light you want coming indoors, and that is where Motorized Shades come in to play.

And that is the solution I found for my windows – Remote Controlled Cellular Shades.

Cellular shades are perfect for many homes, the ideal marriage between functionality and beauty. They are available in varying opacities – from sheer to translucent, to luxurious to room darkening. Hence, it is possible to attain optimal level of light control and privacy for your indoor space.


Hard to Reach is no Longer Hard to Open

With remote control cellular shades, it’s easier to operate window treatments in hard to reach locations with just a push of a button. Some use a plug in transformer along with an external cod for operation while others are operated using a wireless system. The good news is that usually there is only a single remote to operate multiple shades, making this system extremely efficient and further convenient. Since these are made to order, most manufacturers offer a wide selection in motorized blinds, in terms of sizes, colors and designs.

I find that these remote controlled blinds are perfect for many situations:

– Practicality and control over natural lighting for double height rooms. Since the height is too immense, using regular window curtains is not only cumbersome and impractical, but the long flowy curtains can also overwhelm the space and a minimalistic decor.



– Offering a functional yet beautiful window treatment for windows along or facing staircases. Since the height here is often doubled, using regular window curtains isn’t possible because of lack of accessibility.



 – A unified, clean and harmonious look for rooms that have either too many windows, or even complete glass walls. Having remote controlled blinds also makes it so much easier to operate all the window treatments at the same time with just a single button, and also helps create a minimalistic look that one cannot achieve if there were too many fabric curtains put in to the room.



– Ensuring privacy for rooms, bathrooms or even study areas where internal glass walls are used to make the space look larger otherwise. With remote controlled blinds, these areas can be converted in to private sanctuaries when the need arises by closing the blinds, or can look like an integrated part of the living areas when the blinds are left open.



– Practical window treatment for windows that are otherwise impossible to access – either because they are too high up on the wall, or because they aren’t exactly simple rectangular windows. These are perfect for windows in an attic converted in to a home office or bedroom.



What is even better is that most cellular shades have a white backing fabric that works like a reflector and hence limits the amount of heat absorption. Even in peak summers, your interiors will stay cool and comfortable once the shades are closed. And the look from outside stays uniform while your interiors can be bathed in different textures and colors for the perfect look and feel!



Additionally, these remote controlled shades make it possible for you to create the ideal lighting indoors during daytime. When working on a computer, you can control the natural lighting to avoid glare from the screen, and this is possible even while watching TV. These shading systems can deflect or harness solar heat for you to stay more comfortable in both, summer and winter, hence putting less pressure on your heating and cooling systems and increasing their efficiency.


No More Hassle Shades

For those looking for window shades or blinds that offer practicality, convenience and aesthetic beauty all wrapped up in one – remote control cellular shades are the best choice. In fact, many of these motorized blinds do not just offer a simple way to control the amount of light entering the room but also provide insulation, hence increasing energy efficiency of heating/cooling systems to make any room more comfortable.

With the very convenient top down bottom up shades, it becomes very easy to operate blinds using just a remote control, especially when the windows are located higher up on the wall or in hard to reach places.

The Kitchen Window here now looks perfectly blended with the rest of the wooden finishes, while it also becomes much easier to open or close the window treatment without having to reach up and tug at curtains
The Kitchen Window here now looks perfectly blended with the rest of the wooden finishes, while it also becomes much easier to open or close the window treatment without having to reach up and tug at curtains


The ease of using these cordless top down and bottom up blinds offers a simple yet versatile way to ensure privacy, while also control the amount of natural light entering the room. There is a large variety of remote control cellular shades available including double cell shades, honeycomb shades, cellular shade wand and black out shades to meet with the requirement criteria of users.

Just a click of a button, and all the motorized shades can either be opened to let in the morning light, or closed in the evening to assure complete privacy
Just a click of a button, and all the motorized shades can either be opened to let in the morning light, or closed in the evening to assure complete privacy


It’s just one remote control that lets you make a room darker when it’s time to hit the bed or watch a movie on your projector. It’s completely automated and hence makes it just so easy to

– Combine beauty and function to automate décor

– Sleek and sophisticated shade control

– Ultimate in elegance and convenience

– Gives you a chance to strike a balance between natural and artificial light for the perfect indoor ambience

– Soft, beautiful look as the shutters glide effortlessly


Cut Down the Light with Room Darkening Shades

For rooms where restricting natural light becomes important, room darkening shades are the ideal choice.



Since these remote control blinds come in darker shades that are better able to control the amount of natural light entering the room, these allow the user to:

1. Control the amount of light entering the room with just a click of a button

2. The simple remote can open or close shades, or even adjust the tilt of slats in remote control cellular shades

3. A great option for rooms with higher windows, full sized windows or windows that are located in hard to reach areas

4. A beautiful luxurious finish while offering a lot more convenience and practicality when it comes to making a room darker


How to Measure for Remote Control Blinds?

When looking for new remote control cellular shades, the key is measuring for cellular shades correctly. Ensure the length, breath and height of the window is carefully measured and then discussed with a dealer, as different manufacturers can have different size specifications.



In fact, customized shades that are made to order are always the best option. It’s better to opt for shades that are an inch longer and wider than the original window size, to ensure that light doesn’t creep in through the sides when the shades are closed for privacy and darkening the room.

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