Mastering The Art Of Applying Natural Looking Makeup

All of us women apply make-up from time to time. Some of us excel at it and can expertly apply make-up everyday for a polished, flawless look; while others only reserve make-up for special occasions when we want to look our best. But almost all of us envy those chic photographs of super-models on glossy magazine covers or celebrities who look fresh and dewy-eyed even when caught up in an impromptu interview while grocery shopping or walking out of an airport.

How do they do it? Their makeup is so expertly applied….almost natural and flawless, much unlike the blotchy job we see in the mirror. Is there a secret trick to applying makeup so flawlessly that it looks natural?




If you want to learn how to apply makeup flawlessly, you must get a better understanding of all the makeup accessories and makeup brushes available. Using the right makeup tools is the key to expertly applied makeup.

However, if you walk along the makeup aisle of any store, you will find that there are an overwhelming large number of choices available. There are literally hundreds of makeup tools, makeup accessories and an equally wide variety in makeup brushes. So, which ones should you own for a flawless every day make up application?

To understand which makeup tools and brushes you should buy, you have to understand the basics of makeup application. There are three basic areas to work with for every day makeup,

– Prepping the whole face

– Accentuating the eyes

– Enhancing the lips

Prepping up the Whole Face

Begin your makeup routine by preparing the face. Choose base makeup carefully, which can include primer or concealer and foundation. Make sure that both your concealer and foundation are as close to your skin color as possible. Makeup accessories to apply base make up includes foundation brush, concealer brush and a sponge for blending the two perfectly.




Begin with the concealer or primer and apply it any blemishes on your face or under-eye dark spots. The job of the concealer is to conceal uneven skin tone, so that you have flawless skin. Use the brush (or even a sponge) to rub the concealer to blend in to the skin.




After the concealer, use the foundation. A flat headed brush with short dense bristles can be used to perfectly apply both powder foundations and liquid foundations. Use the brush to apply foundation to your T-zone, and then blend outwards in a circular motion to cover the entire face for a flawless, natural look.




For some women, just concealer and foundation are enough for a glowing, radiating look. However, for special occasions, it’s also best to use a blush to bring color to your cheekbones and define them. A dome shaped brush with soft bristles, a concealer brush allows you to expertly add a dab of color to the apples of the cheeks and sometimes even the forehead to get a more ‘natural glow’. You can also use the same brush to apply bronzer for night makeup. Make sure that you use this brush lightly; swirl the head of the brush in powder, shake off the excess powder, and then highlight the areas you want to define with a gentle sweeping motion.




During hot, humid weather, you should finish the prepping of the face with face powder after applying foundation, and before you apply blusher or bronzer. The powder can eliminate shine and make your makeup last longer. To apply face powder, you can either use a sponge or the blusher brush.


Accentuating the Eyes

Once your base makeup has been applied, it’s time to accentuate your beautiful eyes. Most women like to use eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and an eyebrow pencil to highlight the eyes. For this, they need eye shadow brush, an eyeliner brush and a brow brush (if using brown eye shadow to highlight brows rather than a pencil).




Begin by applying eye shadow and choose a color that will reflect off light and make your eyes look brighter. You could use a single color, or even blend together colors using the blending eye shadow brush, a small flat brush with thick bristles that helps apply the color evenly to the creases of the eye. Begin the same way you do with a blush brush – swirl in color and shake off excess powder. Then start applying at the inner corner of the lid, and blend outwards in a sweeping motion to cover the entire eyelids. You can use a lighter complementing color on the upper eyelid (just below the brow) and then blend the two together.




After eye shadow, use eyeliner to outline the shape of your eyes. If using a liquid liner, you will need a thin long brush with a fine point. The brush should be tapered, so that you can draw a neat line along your lash line to make your eyes stand out and look bold.




However, eyeliner pencils make this job easier; allowing you to draw the line just like you would with an ordinary pencil. It’s also easier to outline the entire eye, both upper and lower lash line, when using an eyeliner pencil.




Once the shape of the eyes is defined, you should use a mascara to accentuate the eyelashes, making them look thicker and curl upwards. If your natural eyelashes are rather sparse, consider using eyelash extensions. These fix on to your lash line and are already thick and curled upwards, requiring just one coat of mascara to make your eyes look instantly bigger and bolder. If you want to highlight your natural eyelashes, use an eyelash curler to curl the fine hair upwards, and then apply two coats of mascara.




End with an eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps in your brows, or you can also use a brow brush and some brown color to achieve the same results.


Enhancing the Lips

To finish your perfect makeup, it’s time to add color to your lips.




If you have natural shapely, luscious lips, all you need is a lipstick with a little shine for your pout to look more kissable.




However, if you have rather thin lips, use a lip liner to create a shapelier outline and then fill in with lip color. Lip liner brushes look like eye liner brushes, and are used in the same way. The fine point is used to create an outline with the color to trace the natural lip shape, and the entire length of the brush is used to fill in the outline and apply color all over the lips. The result is long lasting color that is evenly applied.




To make your pout more kissable, take transparent shiny gloss and dab only in the middle of your upper and lower lip, to create the illusion of plumper and fuller lips.


As we all know, beauty begins with healthy skin. You can use makeup to cover skin imperfections, but then there will always be days you want to go make-up free. Just dab on some shiny lip gloss, add a touch of eye liner, and let your skin breathe.

But to make sure that you still look your best on these days, make sure that you eat these nutrient dense foods to Be a Glow-Getter and have naturally healthy, glowing skin. As they say, beauty is not just skin deep – what you put in you will ultimately reflect on you

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