Are You Eating Calorie Smart For Lunch?

Are you unknowingly ignoring the calories you end up eating for lunch?
Are you unknowingly ignoring the calories you end up eating for lunch?


After a tiring day at work, most of us still manage to whip together a healthy meal for dinner. After all, it’s the last meal of the day and we all know that if it’s full of calories, they are going to go right to your waistline, hips and thighs. And we don’t want that, now do we? So we put in that extra effort and eat healthy and feel so good about it.

But are you missing out on another important meal? No, I’m not talking about your breakfast, because I am assuming that you already know how crucial it is to eat a healthy breakfast that is an ideal mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Be it a bowl of oatmeal with fruits, some muesli and fresh fruit juice, or a couple of eggs with multi-grain toast; all are great options. But I’m going to go ahead and assume that you already knew that. What I am talking about is Lunch.


The ‘Lunch’ Dilemma

Now lunch is kind of tricky, especially for us working people. More often than not, you don’t have time to cook lunch from scratch because you already have a jam-packed morning. So you either grab a salad or a sandwich at a local bistro (only on days that you are feeling rather guilty about your culinary indulgences and want to be good for a change), but more often than not you have no other option but to eat the oily, greasy, spicy food that is served in your office in the name of ‘complementary lunch’.

You hate it… it’s pitiful, and you know that you are ingesting far too many calories than you can afford to. But the alternative of actually cooking your own calorie smart lunch is unthinkable, and so you give in and eat it anyways. But seriously, are you ready to compromise your health and endure this ‘complementary lunch’ even when it doesn’t complement your health and lifestyle?


If such moments make you long for a 3rd alternative that doesn’t involve you waking up even earlier than you already do and sweat longer in the kitchen to cook lunch, but does on the other hand ensure your lunch is balanced, nutritionally healthy and yet delightfully yummy, you probably should do just a bit of research! Yes, you heard me right!

There is an ‘all new concept’ in corporate lunches, and today we are here to talk about those. A few small companies are sprouting up all over the country, offering corporate employees a healthy lunch that is hygienically packed, nutritionally balanced, and yet not lacking in taste. And one such company that operates within Gurgaon is aptly named CalorieSmart; living up to every promise it makes.


Eat Right, Eat Calorie Smart

To begin with, CalorieSmart is a perfect option – the luxury of eating home cooked meals without the hassle of cooking them for yourself.  It restricts your caloric intake to a healthy figure – 500 to 700Kcal per lunch. And while your calories might be restrictive, your choices are not. You can choose from an Executive meal or a Premium meal, offering you a wide range of cuisines from Indian, Chinese, South Indian, Mexican, Lebanese, Moroccan, Thai and Continental, so that your healthy lunch doesn’t get monotonous. Talk about being able to eat guilt-free while also keeping your palate happy!


Indulging in convenient meal options that are rather greasy and spicy aren’t exactly going to do your health or your waistline any favours. You might think that gorging on ‘Chole Bhature’ or a ‘Pizza’ for lunch is OK once in a while, but take a good look at your cafeteria served food. Frankly, how often are you exceeding your calorie intake limits? As if the extra calories aren’t bad enough, know this – a heavy meal that is high in calories and fried in bad saturated oils will leave you feeling rather uncomfortably full and sluggish. You might not care so much about your waistline, but do you care about a good yearly appraisal? If you want to avoid that mid-afternoon slump where you cannot seem to keep your eyes open and concentrate on that presentation, you probably have the contents of your plate at lunch to blame.

But the truth is you also cannot achieve health or healthy living by keeping tabs on your calorie intake, skipping meals or avoiding food groups; eventually depriving your body of essential nourishment. Why not have someone else do that, while all you need to do is unwrap your lunch and tuck in without feeling like you are compromising with your health?

Eating light, healthy and nutrient dense food gives your body vital nutrients which offer a ready source of energy and also keep you feeling refreshed and alert. CalorieSmart meals are designed to create this balance between Calorie Intake and Nutrition, so that each’ Calorie’ consumed count for ‘Nutrition’.


Take a Step in the Right Direction!

If you think that it’s time to stop depending on these ‘complementary lunch’ meals but rather take your health and nutrition in your own hands, take a look at the menu options, subscription model, ordering process and delivery process on the official CalorieSmart website:


And for those who don’t live in Gurgaon and are now cursing themselves, wondering how they can find calorie smart meals in their town, there is still hope! Until Calorie Smart can come to your city, I highly recommend you do an online research and find out some healthy lunch options in your own city. Trust me, such options exist everywhere (for example my quick Google search told me there is Calorie Care in Bombay, Pune Tiffin in Pune and Itsmymeal in Bangalore).

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time we made Lunch count as well. It’s time we took some steps to make sure that the meal we eat in office, usually sitting behind our desk which only means every calorie we ingest could be the reason for our unwanted weight gain, is a meal that we are assured is healthy, hygienic and nutritious. Since every calorie counts, its best to make every calorie equal nutrition and good health as well!

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