Can Sweating More Help You Lose Weight Faster?

For anyone struggling to lose weight, its clear what is needed is ‘burning more calories than ingested’. The best way to burn more calories is to train harder and follow a more rigorous fitness routine. The harder one trains, the more one sweats. So, is sweating for weight loss beneficial?




The answer is yes. Sweating is the body’s natural cooling mechanism. It controls body temperature and prevents overheating. Since sweating allows your body to maintain optimum internal temperature, it facilitates training harder and ensures you get the full benefits of your weight loss training. The simple outcome – the more you are able to exercise, the more fat you burn. Hence it can be said that sweating is almost crucial for weight loss, especially because it allows you to add more intensity to your workouts without feeling the exertion take a toll on the body.


Why is sweating more good for your body?

Sweating is not only the body’s natural cooling system; it is also the body’s cleansing system. It allows your body to purge out toxins and eliminate waste, while also increasing the metabolic rate. Our sweat doesn’t only contain water; the salty properties of sweat come from excreted ammonia, minerals, urea, sugar, sodium and lactic acid.




When you exercise in warmer temperatures or add more intensity to the workout, the exertion causes the body’s internal temperature to rise higher than normal. To counteract this effect, the body begins to sweat, and hence also eliminates toxins in the process. The heart rate increases, the rate of breathing increases, and as a result blood circulation and metabolism increases to bring the body temperature back to normal. All of these are extremely beneficial for weight loss too as they accelerate the fat burning process. The body eliminates more water and impurities, hence helping you get rid of any water weight while also eliminating dirt and impurities lodged within the pores of the skin. Additionally, sweating more also strengthens the immune system by generating more white blood cells.


More Sweat Equals More Weight Lost

Sweating for weight loss has become a popular idea, especially for those who have a tendency for water retention and want to lose water weight. Most fitness centers have saunas and steam baths for this very purpose – to promote sweating which can help rid of excess water, toxins and impurities. However, keep in mind that this water weight lost during sauna baths will be replaced when you hydrate your body and intake more water.



It is actually the activities or exercises that result in sweating which are beneficial for weight loss. To generate sweat, the body accelerates metabolism and uses up more energy. This extra energy is fueled by calories, which literally means that if you are sweating more, your body is using up more calories to maintain internal body temperature.

Benefits of sweating for weight loss areboth direct and indirect. While the vigorous activities that result in sweating are helping you burn more calories for weight loss, detoxification also aids in weight loss. Toxins are usually stores in fat cells as your body wants to keep internal organs safe from them. As a result, fat cells expand and add to your weight gain. As you eliminate more toxins through sweating, you lose fat cells and hence lose more weight. However, spending hours in the sauna is not the best way sweating for weight loss works. A good workout is far better, as it takes in to account both the direct and indirect benefits of sweating and ensures that you don’t just lose water weight but also burn fat.



Good weight loss training focuses on sweating more as an important part of the program, as it ensures your body is burning up more calories and also eliminating toxins that could be hindering with natural weight loss. Such a program focuses on adding more intensity to workouts to keep the body challenged and eating a balanced nutritious diet for maximized results.


Get Your Sweat On!

There are two ways to promote sweating for weight loss. You can either increase your body temperature by wearing an extra layer of clothing while exercising, or can increase intensity and duration of exercise to help your body perspire more profusely. While many people looking to lose large amounts of weight wear a jacket during their workouts throughout the year, the better choice is to naturally promote sweating by adding intensity to workouts. It’s not only safer, it is also more effective as you are exercising more to burn more fat tissue.

sweat on


Our body is very good at adapting. This is why; you need to keep your body challenged by adding intensity to your workout if you want your fitness training program to cause you to perspire. A good workout will increase your heart rate and blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and increase perspiration. As your body gets used to a workout routine, it stops being pushed to the limit. Hence, you need to keep your workouts challenging if you want to keep losing weight and not hit a weight loss plateau.

Ensure that you stay hydrated when exercising. A dehydrated body cannot produce sweat, and hence you also endanger your vital organs by risking overheating. To sweat more, increase water intake. Sweating will keep you fitter and cleaner, both inside out. Sweating makes a weight loss journey easier and hence should be one of your goals.


If you want to start sweating more today, read this article on Cardio For Weight Loss


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