More Than Just An Attic!

Have a spacious attic that currently holds just piles of junk and unusable stuff? These days, homes are becoming smaller and smaller. And that is why; making the most use of all available space is a must for a growing family.



If you do have an attic currently lying unused, here are some simple ideas that can make your attic more than an attic…and transform it in to very usable space!


3 Tips To Help You Begin

If you want your attic to be more than just an attic but rather become an extension of your usable space, you have to keep these simple things in mind.



1. Make sure that your attic ceiling is well over 7-8 feet. That’s the minimum headroom you require to utilize this space efficiently. It’s ok to have narrowed corners, especially if you have a sloping roof. The corners can easily be converted in to storage space. If the headroom is lesser, do find out about height restrictions for your local area before remodeling, as some areas will specify the maximum height for any home.


2. Get to the bottom of your building’s structural framework. If the foundation is not strong enough to allow you to add a complete new floor plan for the attic, you might have to reconsider remodeling. Also, make sure you understand if the ceiling structure needs to be reinforced or reframed in order to make your attic space usable.


3. Other aspects you need to think of are flooring, ventilation, lighting, insulation and temperature control before you decide how to make better use of your attic space.


Convert Your Attic Into a Functional Home Office

One of the best uses of attic space can be converting it in to a cozy and private home office, where you can spend your mornings working without any distractions.  Make sure that your attic has all necessary power points to install your computer, fax machine, printers etc. Consider re-wiring the attic and also make sure that you put more power than what’s necessary right now because you could soon be upgrading equipment and don’t want the hassle of rewiring every time you buy an improved version of some old machine. Make sure you take in to account all additional outlets like cable and jacks for computers, copy machines, fax machines, internet connections and phones.

Notice how to skylights are bringing in a lot of additional natural light and also become an interesting design element
Notice how the skylights are bringing in a lot of additional natural light and also become an interesting design element



You must make sure that your home office gets lots of natural lighting. Consider installing skylights and additional windows. Also ensure that the attic floor can easily support new furniture like heavy file cabinets, desks, shelving etc.

In fact, a small attic can also become a simple yet functional home study or working nook. It’s space efficient, cost efficient and also ensures complete privacy when you are hard at work!




An Attic Becomes a Comfy Bedroom 

If you don’t have a spare room, your attic can be the perfect place to create a usable, cozy and warm bedroom for your guests to spend the night in comfort. The first thing to consider is insulation. Most attics aren’t designed to be living spaces; hence you will need to add adequate insulation to convert the attic in to an extra bedroom. Flooring is easy – simply opt for carpeted flooring as this doesn’t cost much and also provides sound insulation. Another very important factor is ventilation. If you want the attic to be a bedroom, it must have at least one large window that works like an exit in case of a fire.

A lovely country style guest bedroom
A lovely country style guest bedroom


If you plan on adding a bathroom to go with the bedroom, make sure you build one over an existing bathroom or the plumbing and wiring can become too complicated and costly. Also install a separate heating/cooling system for the attic bedroom to be able to control temperature and make it more comfortable.

A perfect example if your decor style is more modern and minamilistic
A perfect example if your decor style is more modern and minimalistic


An attic can easily be converted in to your child’s room. Here is an idea that I personally love very much:




Also, an attic space can very easily be used for extra storage in a neat, organized way that can also convert this room in to a reading room:



Attics also make for an excellent den or parlour. If you don’t have a basement, use your attic instead!



Your attic space can also be used as an organized store room, a library or a studio. If you are finding it tough to make your attic more than an attic, you can hire residential builders to help you come up with a workable, structurally sound floor plan.

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