5 Good Habits You Should Start Developing Today (If You Haven’t Already!)

Good habits are the very foundation of a happy, organized life. They don’t just result in better health but also improve the quality of one’s life.


Sadly, cultivating good habits could take a little time and effort, just like ending bad habits will require a lot of work, motivation and will power. However, in the end, developing these good habits is the key to success.


Habit#1: Read More Often

While reading is often considered to be more of a hobby, cultivating it to become a habit has many benefits. A good book will not only add to one’s knowledge, but will also help gain more experience and exposure, opening up a person to a world of new ideas.

In fact, many readers often comment how reading a good book can set them on the right path to life’s journey; providing adequate direction and motivation. However, the only way to cultivate a good habit is to also enjoy it. And that is why, it’s crucial to first figure out what genre of books you like to read, based on your areas of interest.



How to build upon this habit?

– Choose a genre that interests you. It could be fiction, biographies of famous people, finance related books or even classics and poetry.

– Find out the most famous books in the genre you have chosen. This is easy to do – an online search for the best books in the genre will provide lists of book titles and authors, and so will a search conducted at the local library.

– It’s essential to understand that not all books are created equal. For those who read for a hobby, even works of new and upcoming writers can provide pure joy and pleasure, even if the knowledge gained is not very significant. However for those who are beginners, it’s more advisable to pick only famous books from established writers, as these will provide a more pleasurable reading experience.



Habit #2: Get More Restful Sleep

Who amongst us hasn’t stayed up late on nights? We do it for various reasons too – catching up on some TV, reading a thought provoking book, spending too many nights working late, etc.

But good sleep is crucial for your body. It’s during sleep that the body rests repairs and rejuvenates after a hectic day, ready for yet another tiring day the next morning. A lack of sleep results in low energy levels, lack of concentration and focus, poor judgment and memory, as well as distorted coordination skills. And none of those are healthy or safe. This is why; it’s a must to aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. It keeps you feeling fresh and active all day long, improves metabolism and also ensures stable hormone and blood sugar levels.



How to build upon this habit?

– Follow the same sleep time and waking up time ritual every day. And that means even on weekends and vacations. This makes it easier for the internal body clock to get attuned to the changes.

– If it’s difficult for you to get to sleep on time, you can create a bed-time ritual. This can be anything you find relaxing. Start with a hot bath to relax all muscles and retire to bed about 30 minutes before bed time. Refrain from watching TV or checking mails; anything that keeps your brain too active will only hinder with sleep. Instead, try light reading or listening to relaxing music to be lulled to sleep. Relaxdaily has some peaceful, slow atmospheric music available that can become the perfect choice for bed time. You can also invest in a white noise machine, like those from simplynoise.com, to block distractions and work like the perfect sleep aid.

– Make sure you eat dinner at least 1-2 hours before bed time. If you must, have a light snack like an apple or a glass of milk before bed time.


Habit #3: Spend Less, Save More

They say money is the root of all evil. All of us are always on the quest to earn more money, because everyday our desires only grow bigger. If you want to lead a satisfied, happy and contented life, you have to learn to respect money.

Don’t spend on useless and frivolous pleasures that offer no long-term returns. Rather, learn to save money you worked so hard to earn so that you can put it to better use.



How to build upon this habit?

– Put aside a set amount of your salary every month in to savings. Call this your ‘Rainy Day’ fund that can be used for taking that vacation you have longed for, paying the down payment of a new home, or buying  a bigger car a few years down the line. Opening a Recurring Deposit with your bank makes it possible for you to save a set amount of money every month.

– Use your money practically. Before you buy anything, think hard “Do I really need it?” Be unbiased and honest with the answer. A new TV can be a mere indulgence when your old TV works perfectly well and your account balance is rather running low. Learn to differentiate between ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’ and saving money will become much easier.

– Reward yourself when you save enough money. Go ahead and buy those pair of shoes you always lusted after…and remind yourself once again that good habits always pay off in the end. This time, you earned them!


Habit #4: Get Out And Exercise

A good workout is not just great for your physical health but also does wonders for your mental and emotional health. Exercise keeps you active, healthy and in good shape.

In fact, apart from losing weight and looking great, exercise also helps – improve immunity, boosts confident, improves brain functioning and improves your mood.



How to build upon this habit?

– Figure out your activity level and keep your workout plans practical. If you are new to working out, seek out a trainer to establish a safe yet effective workout routine that doesn’t increase your risk to injury.

– There are many ways to exercise. A gym is not always the solution. If you enjoy your workouts, you are more likely to do them regularly. Therefore, find out all your options. Yoga, Dance, Zumba, Sports, Cycling, Swimming and even Walking are great alternatives.

– Choose an exercise routine that doesn’t seem like a chore. The key to staying fit is consistency, so it is imperative that your workouts are something you look forward to, not something you find excuses to avoid every other day.


Habit #5: Think Positive Thoughts

The power of positive thinking can truly change your life. To not give in to negative thoughts that could hamper your productivity and leave you feeling restless can make you achieve your true potential in every endeavor you undertake.

Positive thinking will let you achieve skills that are truly valuable and increases the quality of your life in both personal and professional arenas.



How to build upon this habit?

– Understand that feelings can be controlled. This empowers you, and gives you the ability to take your life’s course in to your own hands.

– To stay positive, you have to focus on the good in everything you seek. Don’t let others influence your thoughts. If you feel negatively about something, immediately start planning how you can turn that negative in to a positive. Being proactive and optimistic even in the worse of situations will make you truly appreciate the power of positive thinking.

– Read books on the benefits of Positive Thinking to further reinforce this idea to become a habit. Some highly recommended choices are – The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.


When it comes to Good Habits, there is an endless list. But we can’t change overnight and cultivate them all!

Start with these 5 most sought after good habits; they guarantee you will reap the benefits of your hard work.  All of these habits once ingrained in to your lifestyle will make a dramatic impact on your life in every possible way and take you straight up the ladder of success!


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