5 Beauty Product Warnings You Should Never Ignore

We women use a horde of beauty products – skin care products, hair care products, makeup products and grooming products. But how many of us actually read the ‘Warning Sign’ that many products actually contain within their label content?

Not many of us, though we certainly should! Truth is that many beauty products contain harmful ingredients, even though in small quantities, which could result in allergic reactions, hormonal disruptions, and some have even been linked to cancer.

So when it comes to beauty product warnings, it’s always better to be safe rather than being sorry.


Here is a list of some ingredients commonly found in beauty products that should be used with caution:


  1. Fragrances

We all love fragrances – fruity, floral, musky or earthy. However, technically speaking, a fragrance is any scent that could be made with artificial or natural ingredients. More often than not, scented products like body washes, talcum powders, soaps, shampoos and lotions contain harsh chemical compounds that can cause skin allergies. So for those who have a sensitive skin type or are allergic to perfumes, it’s important to read the warning label behind any scented beauty product. The bad news is that it isn’t just artificial fragrances that you could be allergic to; some all natural fragrances can also contain allergens.

If you have sensitive skin, make sure you pick fragrance-free products when shopping for beauty products.


  1. Lead

Wondering what lead is doing on this list? Believe it or not, lead is a common compound used in lipsticks to make it softer and to add color. However, experts believe that lead is a by-product of the dye pigments used for lipsticks, and the quantity is too small to be harmful. Even then, it is best that you avoid lipsticks with lead. Or better still; don’t reapply your lipstick too often.

When shopping for lipsticks try and find a brand that doesn’t use lead as one of the ingredients and still manages to fit in to your budget. I say – better be safe than be sorry!


  1. Parabens

Used as a preservative in cosmetics, parabens can be found in lipsticks, shampoos and even lotions. These compounds get absorbed by the human skin and reach the blood stream, and have been linked to breast tumors and cysts. Parabens can disrupt the functioning of the endocrine system as they mimic estrogen, and can cause cancer, weight gain, infertility and even depression.

When shopping, be sure to check any beauty product label to ensure it is paraben-free.


  1. Triclosan

Commonly used as an anti-bacterial, this compound is added to most body washes, deodorants, roll-ons and soaps. It can also be found in some cleansers and toothpastes. The bad news is that Triclosan is a probable carcinogen and contributes to liver toxicity.

It’s best to avoid products that contain even small traces of Triclosan. Make sure you check it off the ingredients list of any product you pick at the beauty aisle.


  1. Phthalates

These are chemical compounds most commonly found in nail polish to make it long lasting, but have also been found in some perfumes, hair sprays and shampoos. Phthalates make any beauty product more durable and last longer, and hence are very commonly added to cheap products. These can cause reproductive abnormalities and endocrine disruptions as these too get absorbed by the skin, though more research studies need to be conducted to understand the extent of harm they cause to human.

In any case, it is best to choose hair sprays, hair gels and nail polish that don’t include phthalates as one of their ingredients. Check and then re-check the ingredient list along with any beauty product warnings that may be written on the label to be doubly sure.


So, now that you know which beauty products you should buy, here is an article on Mastering The Art of Applying Natural Looking Makeup 

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