Add Flavour, Not Calories, To Your Food


For those who love their food but need to watch their waistline closely, here is an article that tells you how to add a lot of flavour to your food without adding any unwanted calories!

Food For The Happy Soul

Heavy cream, Ghee, Sugar and excess Salt – these are the things you depend on to enrich the flavours of your daily foods.  While the added fats and sugar will make your food taste better, they also add unnecessary calories to your meal.

If you are trying to eat healthy but hate bland food, it’s time to introduce you to low calorie alternatives that are full of flavour but not loaded with calories!

Fats provide you with 9 calories/gram, which is twice the number of calories you get from proteins and carbohydrates. Eating just 1 tablespoon of oil a day is enough to keep your hair glossy and your skin healthy. So, let us discuss a few ways that keep your calorie intake low without making you sacrifice on taste.


5 Low Calorie Ideas That Don’t Scrimp On Taste


1. To steam your vegetables, replace water with chicken…

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