Is It Wise To Choose Yoga Over Other Exercise Forms?

Life never moves in a linear line. There’ll obviously be ups & downs, sharp turns, unprecedented events or unwarranted situations that one may not be prepared for. The many stressful situations in our day to day life can increase our risk towards both emotional and physical imbalances.

And for those looking to find a way out of all their troubles – be it emotional unrest, mental unrest or physical illness, the answer could lie in Yoga.


Though Yoga is an age-old concept, it has been recreated as a new discipline today to teach modern man the Art of Living so that he can improve the quality of his life and live it most perfectly.


Why Yoga?

Yoga is a Hindu discipline that originated in India some 5000 years back but today the entire world sings its praises of its beneficial impacts. Yoga has followers from all across the globe, from all walks of life and from all genres of people.

The question is; why is it that more and more people worldwide are turning to yoga nowadays. Is it more beneficial than other exercise forms?

Yes, indeed. And if you incorporate Yoga in your daily lifestyle, you’ll feel for yourself the changes it can bring in your mind and body. This is because yoga conditions not only your body but your mind as well.


Incorporating Yoga into day to day life is more like a ‘resetting’ lifestyle activity; and once you start practicing the various yogic techniques which most importantly include not only exercises but also things like meditation techniques, controlled breathing or pranayama and concentration and relaxation, you not only boost your health & fitness but will also grow mentally as well as spiritually.

The basic concept of Yoga is to establish a balance or union between the mind and body. Thus, Yoga is much different from the commonplace cardio exercises or aerobics.

A passionate Yoga enthusiast often practices it for spiritual development and self-knowledge, in order to be able to handle stressful situations with a calm, composed and balanced mind, and also help maintain a sound physical health.


What Makes Yoga Unique?

With so many stress triggers in modern man’s life, our mind and body are faced with new challenges each new day. To cope with these, we really need to practice some fitness strategies and exercises so that our body gets a chance to heal from within. Of late, Yoga has become quite popular worldwide as a means to combat the physical and mental weaknesses and illnesses of various kinds.

Furthermore, the exercises in Yoga are quite unique. The asanas or yoga poses work in a cyclic order, working upon each muscle group in a systematic way. The muscles you stretch and work upon during one asana are relaxed and rested in the next, so that there is a sense of order and logic to avoid any injury.


Also Yogic exercises are never done in a rush. So they’ll never push you out of breath. You’ll get enough time after each exercise to rest and reflect.

Runners, athletes, and regular gym goers partake in high-impact aerobics that uses repetitive movements. These are stressful for the joints, tendons, ligaments and all muscles, which is why repetitive strain injuries become more common. On the other hand, in yoga, one softens and breathes into your own body and work on all muscle groups on a slow, relaxed and informed way. In fact, experts recommend that those who participate in stressful activities often must make sure they balance these out with other nurturing activities like yoga, for all-round better health.

Yoga aims to give you complete mastery over your mind as well as body. It can change your attitude towards life, your behavior towards other human beings, and teach you to respect your body.


A Word Of Caution!

If you are really interesting in Yoga, you should know that beginners MUST practice yoga with a certified instructor. Don’t blindly follow a celebrity Yoga DVD or watch a YouTube video and think you’ll learn yoga. Believe it or not, Yoga poses are quite complex and incorrect postures could result in torn ligaments, strain, strain, pinched nerves and a lot more!


Make sure that you are fully aware of your limitations when practicing yoga. Your progress must be natural, never forceful and hard on your body.



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