Let’s Try The Right Workout For Your Body Shape!

Women come in all shapes and sizes. And rather than cribbing and crying about how you hate your shape, why not tailor your fitness routine to rather enhance your god given body shape and celebrate your body type instead!

When you can choose a certain style of dressing that is most apt for the body type you really are, why not try the same approach for your fitness routine as well!

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Some experts believe that choosing fitness workouts for your body shape is a more effective way to get a well rounded figure – after all, it will target your specific fitness needs and body issues to perfection, wont it?

So, are you ready to follow an exercise plan that has been tailored to suit your body type?!

To begin with our Fitness body shape guide, let us define 5 main body shapes found in women – Straight, Curvy, Athletic, Pear and Apple.

body shapes




The Rectangle body shape is characterised by a lean figure – where the shoulders, the waist and the hips are approximately the same dimension, giving a straight look to the body. It’s also known as the Lean Rectangular or Straight shape since it involves very few curves. Hence, your approach towards fitness should be one that will add more definition to both your upper body and lower body and give more shape to your waistline.


People with a straight body have little to no extra fat, which is why they often think they can skip cardio. However, remember that a little cardio will go a long way to add more muscle to your glutes, and a good strength training program will further add definition to your body.

Avoid overlong cardio sessions and find a balance between cardio and strength training. Also, make sure that you work the major muscles of both your upper and lower body equally so that you build on a more proportionate body shape to enhance your waist. Additionally, you need only about 3 days of work out a week to stay in shape, so you can choose a versatile fitness routine that can also incorporate Yoga, Pilates and Dance.



You are all feminine with all the right curves, and sometimes a little too many! This body shape is characterised by an ample bust and matching hips, along with a slender waist. Also known more popularly as the Hourglass figure, this body type only sounds perfect in theory! It is very easy for women who have a curvy figure to gain weight on the waist which can make them look round like an apple, rather than shapely like an hourglass.

hourglass body shape

The perfect workout for your body shape starts with a good cardio session and will follow with a full-body muscle toning session that will shape up both the upper and lower body for a curvi-licious figure. Most curvy women struggle with gaining muscle mass; and that is actually the key to add definition to your shoulder, arms, hips and thighs.

This is why you need to workout at least 5 times a week, and make sure that you work on both the upper body and lower body equally with weight training. Choose high interval training to achieve the best of both worlds and make sure you strengthen your core so that your tiny waist always draws out attention!



If you have an athletic body shape, it can often be too hard for you feel feminine! This body shape is characterized by broad shoulders that are rather accentuated by a slender waist and hips. Also known as the Inverted Triangle body shape, the key to look stunning is to work upon shaping up your butt, thighs and shoulders.

inverted triangle

Since you already have an athletic built, doing basic weight training exercises is enough to add definition to your key areas and gain some muscle mass. You also have a higher metabolism, so if you do gain a little extra flab around the tummy that sticks out, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to lose that weight with a little cardio and weight training mixed together.

Your fitness routine should be based on keeping your muscle mass – you have a more or less proportionate body type, so High-intensity interval training which basically incorporates short bursts of speed with short cool-down sessions in between should be the most efficient way for you to stay in shape. The most important thing here is to work on your lower body to create balance and choose only lighter weights for your upper body workouts because you don’t walk to bulk up unevenly!




One of the more common shapes seen in modern women, the Pear shape is defined by a wider lower body. Most pear shape women think they only need to concentrate on their lower body to shed weight, and this is where they go wrong! Target weight loss is a myth!

pear shaped

The key is to try and balance out your lower body with the upper body in order to achieve proportion. Size is such a relative term – the key to a great figure is always proportion! So make sure you go heavy on cardio – strong, powerful legs will become your fat-burning machines and as you work more on cycling, jogging and running, you will strengthen them.

Use weight training exercises for the upper body to gain more tonality and muscle definition, so that your bottom half looks more in proportion with your top half.



Women who have an Apple body shape carry a major bulk of their weight on the upper half of their body. This body shape is characterized by broader shoulders, plump arms and more belly fat. Cardio seems to be the No. 1 way to exercise off belly fat, but that doesn’t mean apple shapes should totally toss strength training out the window.


The Apple shape workout plan focuses on strengthening your core muscles to help your body appear more drawn in at your waist, building more lean muscle mass to help you burn more calories around the clock and belly-fat burning cardio exercise. In fact, it is best to use free weights often, coupled with high-intensity cardio to torch fat. These effective strength moves help you develop tight muscles all around your waistline for a one-two punch to that pooch!


Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side and it feels more rewarding to choose a fitness routine for your ‘dream’ body. But in the end, the body of your fantasies will remain there…in your fantasies, that is…because no matter how much weight you lose or gain, you cannot out-grow your basic body shape. So go ahead, celebrate your curves (or the lack of them!) and let your fitness plan be designed to suit your body, instead of the other way round!

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