5 Must Have Dresses In Every Woman’s Wardrobe

As every new season strides in, it brings with it a world of fashion and haute couture beauties to try out. But, as you look through collection after collection of elegantly designed and well-tailored ready-to-wear dresses, it can be rather confusing to pick the right ones for your wardrobe. After all, there are limitless designs, styles, cuts, fabrics and colors to choose from. So, how do you pick a few to update your fashion style this season?


Recently, I have become a huge fan of a capsule wardrobe. I realized that I had way too many dresses, and most of them in similar styles, cuts and colors. After all, I have always shopped for beautiful dresses best suited to my body shape to look fashionably stylish, and it seemed like I got hung-up on particular styles that flattered my figure. What’s worse, I found myself to be the proud owner of 5 black dresses, 6 grey dresses and 3 navy blue dresses. Sure, the cut was ‘slightly’ different with a belt here and a nipped waistline design there, but they were pretty much similar.

I spoke to a lot of friends and found out I’m not the only one who picks up similar looking dresses season after season. It’s nice to wear something that is technically ‘new’ yet oddly familiar in its color and cut to make you feel comfortable. However, I also like to experiment with new trends and colours, and to do that I need to have more space in my closet!

After a lot of thought and research, I decided a capsule wardrobe is the best way to go. I like the fact that I now have only a handful of dresses, all carefully selected for their versatility and high quality, and all of them flatter my body shape to perfection. With just a few dresses, I have myself covered for almost all kinds of dress-worthy occasions; yet can experiment with different looks by pairing them with different accessories like shoes, bags, necklaces, bracelets, scarves and more.

Whether you want to start wearing dresses more often and are just beginning to build-up on your dress collection, or want to trim down your collection to own only a select few tasteful pieces, I have come up with these 5 must-have dresses in every woman’s wardrobe.


Dress#1: Cute Summery Dress

A flowy summery dress in a lovely colour epitomizes the beauty of summer. After all, summer is the best time to flaunt those toned arms and long legs with a short, sexy number!

cute summery dress

I like flowy fabrics, a georgette or chiffon dress in a summer colour like lilac or coral looks stunning. You could also choose a more structured dress with a little spandex to give it a better fit in cute, summery prints.

Pair this summer dress with flat sandals for a casual look, or throw on a pair of wedge heeled shoes for a chic evening out.


Dress#2: Classic Little Black Dress

Every woman must have a go-to dress that is ideal for all kinds of occasions, and often an LBD is just that. This little black number could be a short mini dress that shows off your curves to perfection, or can also be a structured knee-length evening dress that gives you a classic, timeless look.


I like my LBD to be nipped in at the waist with a V-neckline because this is the most over-used dress in my closest. I wear it with a blazer and pumps to office meetings, pair it with cute ballerina shoes and an oversized tote bag when I go shopping with my girlfriends, or add a statement necklace with high heeled gold sandals and a crystal studded evening clutch bag for a dinner party.

Since this will be the most hard-working dress in your closet, I highly recommend that you choose a classic style that is well suited to any occasion – parties, luncheons, weddings, housewarmings, cocktail dinners etc, and pay special emphasis on choosing a very high quality, long lasting fabric material.


Dress#3: Ravishing Date Night Dress

You want to look sleek, sexy and ravishing on date night. And a flirty, semi-formal dress in a beautiful colour with a perfect fit is exactly what you need!

date night dress

A knee-length chiffon dress with a belted waist is my top pick for date night. This style works even if you’re not sure where your date plans to take you —a swanky restaurant for dinner, a popular night club to dance the night away, or to a bar to have a few drinks with his close friends.

Since this is a special dress that you will reserve for date-nights, it should be a dress that makes you look and feel sexy as hell! A dress that is effortlessly chic is your best bet so that you can look stunning; without looking like you are trying too hard to impress your date. Experiment with cuts and styles, and pick a colour that looks flattering on you – keeping in mind your skin tone, hair and eye colour.


Dress#4: Chic Cocktail Dress

A chic cocktail dress in a figure flattering style and stunning colour is a must-have in your closet. Are you wondering why I have added this as an extra category, since an LBD is usually a ‘good-enough’ cocktail dress? Please note that I mentioned ‘good enough’ for a reason.

cocktail dress

Every time I walk into an evening cocktail party, more than 90% of the women are wearing a black dress. Noticed that yourself? Well, then why do you want to be one of those black-clad ladies who look like they are wearing some kind of a uniform?!

Cocktail dinners are classy and sophisticated wherein you mingle with people and can make a lasting impression, which is why I like to stand out at these occasions in a dress that is unique. Try something different – a lovely sequined navy blue cocktail dress, a beautiful grape or wine coloured structured dress, or even a trendy berry satin dress with a full skirt instead.


Dress#5: Timeless Long Evening Dress 

For formal dinner parties and special occasions that require something more dressy, a full length evening gown works best. I love maxi dresses; they give you a beautiful silhouette with their floor sweeping length and the right cut will frame your figure and hug your curves in just the right spots.

long dress

While a black long evening dress works, I prefer to experiment with colours in my long dresses. A slate grey, lime green or burgundy dress in a timeless, classic cut works well as both afternoon as well as evening formal wear.


You will notice that the above mentioned 5 dresses are not only all different designs, but also in different colours. This is because I like to add variety to my wardrobe and highly recommend you do the same. Explore more flattering colours, lengths and cuts in dresses to create a more versatile wardrobe.

While you can find most of these styles at brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping stores will offer you more extensive variety under a single roof and better discounts. I particularly like the collection at http://www.promtimes.co.uk/. Even standard size dresses are made to order for each customer at this web store, ensuring a great fit always. Each dress is carefully tailored to match exactly what you see in the photos and you can narrow down your search to find specific colours, lengths and designs to suit your own personal style. What is better; the store also offers to modify the style/length/material of the dress at extra charge. When you have a capsule wardrobe with a handful of dresses, this becomes a boon as you can be sure you’re dress is 100% perfect in every possible way!

So go ahead and revamp your wardrobe as you experiment with different colours, elegant cuts and dress silhouettes. Happy Shopping!

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