6 Reasons You Should ‘Live While You’re Young’

Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun
I know we only met but let’s pretend it’s love
And never, never, never stop for anyone
Tonight let’s get some
And live while we’re young…


Does the song ‘Live While You’re Young’ from One Direction strike a chord? Inspire you to let go of rational thinking and just live a little….after all, you are young and free to do as you please?!

There is something magical about being young, wild, and free…even if you’re broke. It’s the time to follow your heart, explore the world, chase your dreams, and so much more.

Yet, so many young people have inhibitions. They worry about their job, going to a good university, and worst of all, a relationship that they *think* is The One.

If you have always dreamed of living a full life and find yourselves being stopped by the “Yeah, I’d love to live a little and travel to new countries, but….” — it is time for a change. You might think you’re being noble and wise, but what may seem like your best intentions are nothing but your fears….fears that are stopping you from doing what you’d actually like to do.

Be careful of the yeah-but. The yeah-but will kill your dreams.

When you get older, life seems to just sort of ‘happen to you’. Your youth is a time of total empowerment. You get to do what you want. But as you mature and gain new responsibilities, you have to be very intentional about making sure you don’t lose sight of what’s important.

happy and young

During early adulthood, your worldview is still being formed. It’s important to steward this time — to give yourself opportunities to grow. A good time to live a little.

So if you still have a reasonable amount of control over your circumstances, you should do what really matters. I urge all you young ones to live a little more. Live wild and free, travel boldly and with full abandon. Don’t be afraid of the unseen and unexplored….Because all too soon, you’ll be all grown up and will have to make grown-up decisions that will make your life a lot more restrictive…whether you like it or not.

With that in mind, here are my top reasons to live the fullest and travel wide and far while you’re young.


1. Give Yourself Opportunities To Grow

Whether you grew up in a tiny rural town or a big city, there is much more to explore for you. The world is your oyster. Use this time to create more opportunities for yourself — travel to faraway places and get to meet people from different cultures, take up a new course in a distant land so that you step out of your comfort zone, or try a gap-year to see the amazing natural beauty of the world to expand your horizons. If you don’t do this when you are younger, you have less desire to venture out when you are older and have job and family constraints in play.


2. Fall In Love With The Natural World

This is the time you can travel far and wide and with a constrained budget. Believe it or not, once you’re older and more set in your ways, backpacking through Europe or spending time with the African tribes will lose some of its charm. When you travel to other countries and see the amazing beauty of sunsets overseas, wild animals in their natural habitat, majestic waterfalls spilling off vertical drops, fiery volcanoes smoking with unbelievable restraint, you realize the world is full of more beauty that you are capable of seeing in a lifetime. As you grow older, you will have less of a desire (not to mention less patience) to put the effort into taking the time to travel, because luxury vacations will seem like a better idea. Travel young, so that you develop a deeper sense of obligation to save our planet’s beauty for the coming generations. After all, you’ve seen it firsthand, and it’s worth saving!


3. Date With An Open Mind

Is your dream man rich and good looking? Or do you prefer a well-read handsome bloke with a dashing personality? Would you rather settle down with the sweet boy-next-door, or would you prefer to live a romantic life with an exotic foreigner? These are questions you probably don’t have answers to just yet. Until and unless you date all kinds of people from different walks of life, different backgrounds and different aspirations, you’ll never know who your most-compatible match would be. I am not asking you to be promiscuous; I am only asking you to keep an open mind in your youth, so that you can spend your adult years committed to a partner who is best suited to you…for a lifetime.


4. Create Better Relationships With Other Human Beings

As a young person, you probably have led a sheltered life until now and don’t know how to relate to other kinds of people. The best way to change that – step out of your shell. You will soon realise that your life could be enriched by developing friendships with people who don’t look or act like you. Far from your hometown, you will develop friendships with people who are nothing like you, but exactly what you need to get a broader view of the world. This teaches you to embrace, not fear, experiences and relationships that are outside your comfort zone. It will also teach you the importance of communication skills.


5. Test Your Capabilities

As a young person who is out to seek adventure in life and travel to new places, life will put you in tough situations. You will see that the world is so much bigger than your perspective on it. You soon realize the world doesn’t revolve around you and these experiences will let you test your mettle and also humble you as a person. Now, strength and humility are traits that are very necessary if you want to grow up to be someone successful; someone who isn’t afraid of a challenge and has a deeper understanding of the concept of self-control.


6. Push Your Educational Horizons

Sure, a good university education might guarantee a good job in your hometown. But will it always guarantee a good, well rounded life? Probably not! There is a better way to learn about the world —to travel and see things firsthand and gain a wider appreciation of new subjects and a deeper curiosity for them. Traveling makes history come alive. The stories are no longer pictures in a book, but tangible memories you remember much longer than anything you could study in school. Also, there are so many great opportunities to study in different countries. Not only will you master a subject of your choice, you’ll also get to experience a new way of life and meet people from different cultures —all of which help you grow much more as a person as well as an academic.


So you see, there are so many good reasons to live while you’re young, and not enough excuses holding you back! Ready to pack your bags and wander off into the unknown yet? I sure hope you are!

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