5 Fitness Trends To Try Out This Year

Fitness trends are all the rage these days. New strength-building, calorie-torching, next-big-thing regimes that promise to be super trendy are introduced every year. This year, the top fitness body trends will be all about boot camps, yoga, functional fitness and even group personal training sessions.


So, if you are already bored with Zumba and have had more than enough of your share of Pilates, there is so much more to try out! If you are looking to inject some fun into your calorie torching, super effective fitness regime, here are the hottest fitness trends to try out in 2015!

1. Bootcamps –

The best way to get back in shape within no time, Bootcamps is the perfect choice for those who wish to gain a lot in a short timeframe. They ensure a full body workout; one you are bound to feel the next day…and then some more. There is no arguing that this fitness trend provides guaranteed results, considering that your Bootcamp instructor will make you work much harder and push you much further than your ‘friendly’ gym instructor ever did!


2. Crossfit Training –

If you are a fitness fanatic, there is nothing better than Crossfit training. It combines the best of the fitness world in to a very effective, super-duper calorie torching workout. You have calisthenics, weight training and gymnastics that come together to create a truly gruelling workout session where you compete against yourself and work hard to improve on yesterday’s result every single day.



 3. Fierce –

One of the latest fitness trends, Fierce is everything it name promises to be. With a twist…of course! It’s inspired by the dances of Africa, so you can expect to engage in a truly great cardio workout with lots of jumping, swinging, kicking and twisting. It lets you burn away calories faster than you ever thought possible, while also helping you tone your muscles at the same time.


4. Orangetheory –

As we mentioned in the beginning, the new fitness trends of this year will take us back to the basics. Some good old-style workout that guarantees results! Orangetheory is one of these with short bursts of strength training workouts coupled with cardiovascular exercises, using a plethora of equipment. Usually offered at gyms as Orangetheory Weight Loss Challenge, it involves the use of a treadmill, rowing machine, free weights and suspension training for an extensive workout.


orangetheory weight loss challenge

5. HIIT –

It never goes out of style, because it has always been one of the most effective ways to get fit real quick! HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training involves short bursts of very intense exercises which are followed by a very short recovery period, and then you are on to the next one. What makes HIIT so popular is that it guarantees a full body workout in a short span of time, usually lasting no more than 20-30 minutes, and hence is a workout most of us can fit into a hectic routine without a second thought.


While these are the top 5 fitness trends of 2015, your options aren’t limited to just these. Some of the honourable mentions include – aquAllure, Sandbell workouts, Tabata, Kinesis and Group Rowing Classes. So stop making excuses, pick the fitness trend that most appeals to you, and get ready to flaunt your hot body this summer!



Are you a fitness fanatic? Have you tried any of the above mentioned trends? Would you like to add to our list and include a few other fitness regimes that have worked out well for you in 2014? 

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