Top 7 Exercise Apps To Keep You Motivated Through The Winter

Is the cold weather outdoors making it hard for you to keep up with exercise? As the Holiday Season rolls in, most of us are struggling to not go overboard and indulge. But more often than not, it is quite difficult to not give in to the temptation of enjoying winter special indulgences and scrumptious comfort foods that make winters more bearable.

So when hitting the gym or going for a run outdoors seems almost impossible, here are some fitness apps that keep you exercising all winter within the comfort of your homes.

1. Run 5K

run 5 k app

If you would like to run but prefer the treadmill to the outdoors during chilly winters, this simple app will train you to run 3.1 miles or 5 Kilometres with easy step-by-step instructions. You can listen to your favourite music and also set your own comfortable pace, which makes this app a hit with anyone and everyone. Begin with simple walking, progress to jogging and gradually increase your fitness level enough to become a confident runner in just 9 weeks!

 2. Human


This app is perfect for the fitness novice, as it begins by motivating you to get off the couch and back in to shape. And isn’t that the hardest part, anyway?! For those who are brand new to exercising, Human trains you to start a simple, low-impact workout for just 30 minutes a day and also tracks your progress and allows you to share it on social networks you love!

3. Pocket Yoga


The benefits of Yoga are immense, and the best part about this workout is that it neither requires special equipment, nor stepping out in to the cold. This simple app will help you create a customized yoga workout based on how much time you have on your hands, and then guide you through the poses for a whole body workout. It not only keeps your body fit, it’s also great for mental and emotional health; something we can all benefit from this chilly winter!

4. Learn Pilates


Some people find Pilates intriguing but fear trying it out at a gym class because they assume they will look silly! If that is the case, why not try a great Pilates workout at home? And that is exactly what this app will do for you – teach you the simple exercises, track your progress, and help you build on your fitness levels with regular practice.

 5. Zombies, Run!


Can’t make time to exercise because it might cut in to your beloved video game or TV time? Now this app – Zombies, Run! combines the best of both worlds! You become a part of a zombie apocalypse and run to save your life with your favourite soundtrack playing through the workout. It’s a game in itself, where you run 30-60 minutes and instantly become a part of a story – gathering supplies and listening to the many characters advance in the story. So in all earnestness — you aren’t just playing a video game virtually, you are also part of the augmented reality where you get physical exercise as a bonus to gaming fun! Can it ever get better than this? I think not!

 6. Fitocracy


Another perfect app for the video game lovers, this one lets you become a part of an adventurous story. Here, you play a role of choice and have to work hard to build your skills as you get stronger and fitter. Challenging it is, complete with interesting quests that keep you intrigued and looking forward to your every day workout, while you get to win experience points. Your workouts could be weight lifting, martial arts or simply running (quests are tailored to your preferred activities) and you can compete with friends to gain points to move up to new levels.

7. iMuscle


Want a different approach to toning up? With this simple app, choose which target muscles you want to train and find detailed workouts to choose from. It really is that simple! The app will offer detailed animations that show you how muscles react to an exercise, so that you know how to make use of the workout to your best advantage.

If fitness for the body and mind is what you seek this chilly winter, these exercise apps are sure to keep you motivated through the winter. And if you find yourself lying in bed, contemplating whether to get another hour of sleep or an hour of exercise, remind yourself how amazing you will feel AFTER the workout, while an extra hour of sleep will probably only make you feel more sluggish! Good Luck!

Stay motivated towards your fitness with these handy exercise apps that let you stay in shape despite the brutal cold temperatures outdoors. We want to get fitter, not fatter this winter!!!! Good Luck, guys!


Do you use apps often? Which fitness apps have you used and found helpful? Would you like to add to this list of exercise apps that help motivate you to keep exercising in winters?

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