Inspired Living: Break Free of Your Career Routine!

Even if you love your career, you have to break free from your comfort zone from time to time. It’s the only way to move forward, explore more possibilities, and build for yourself a more well-rounded life that never gets monotonous.

Most of us get stuck with a career routine. A ‘career routine’ is nothing but using the standard textbook fashion to advance your career. You go to a good college, you strive hard to get a good starting job, and then you slog 8-10 hours a day to move up the career ladder. I’m sure you get the drift, right? Its rather predictable (and hence frustratingly boring) in my opinion.


You might love your job a lot, but even you need a break from your routine from time to time!

For many of us, once we reach a certain stage in our careers, things begin to feel rather complacent. You might be contented with your way of life for now, but boredom and lack of forward growth will soon leave you feeling restless.

So, if you are stuck in the rut and want to break free of your career routine, here are some inspired ideas to take your career further, while at the same time breaking the monotony of everyday routines…

1. Look for Opportunities

Some people are growth oriented, and that means you don’t want to do ‘as little as possible at work’ to earn that fat paycheck, but ‘as much as you possible can’.

It not only makes your resume look rather impressive, but also gives you an opportunity to explore new avenues. Branch out at office – look for more responsibilities that interest you, go after that elusively exciting project, or start a new club to promote employee engagement. This will help you learn more about other aspects of your business industry, and will also break the monotony of your existing career routine.


Make a change that inspires you at work

Another exciting idea is to look for opportunities that require you to visit and work at other office branches, within the country or even abroad.

That’s an absolutely perfect way to start fresh, live in a dynamically changing work environment, and grow as both a professional and a human being through enriching experiences.

2. Learn Something New

If you want to stay in perpetual mutation and keep yourself updated and well-informed, it helps to keep learning something new. It doesn’t really matter what it is, just as long as you are growing your knowledge – be it practical, academic or something fun that will help broaden your horizons.


Learn something new to keep your mind sharp and your routine more dynamic

Learn a new language, new skill-set, new software, or join a class to learn something exciting like horseback riding, canoeing, sailing or anything else that helps you transform your old boring routine and infuse new life in to it.

3. Take an Inspired Break

Want your career to grow and your personal development to grow as well? Take a few risks, socialize more, and get a little more organized in the way you work.


Look for a work transfer….an overseas office can be all the change you need to spice things up a little

An inspired break from work is a perfect example – you can continue your work, but take it with you to exotic locations where you give back to the society, grow as a person and enjoy the thrills of a new adventurous lifestyle.

A sabbatical from work, even a short one, gives you a chance to do something you always wanted to do but never got around to doing.

Pick a chosen destination, find a career opportunity there that will look good on your resume and also give you a chance to explore your new home, and take the plunge in to the unknown!

4. Plan a Life Changing Vacation

So you don’t want to work in another country, but you do want to explore other countries. Why not take a vacation to someplace you have never been before, and live like a true tourist for a few days?


Take a vacation to explore new places, cuisines, architecture and cultures

Believe me, travel is the greatest experiment. It brings forth curiosity and the urge to investigate the experience of being alive. When we travel, we get out of the old and settled habits of our daily lives and feel inspired to see the world anew. This heightened sense of awareness stays with us when we go home and permanently influences our perspective on life.

Aside from widening your perspective to ways of life and cultures you may not have been previously aware of, the feeling of constantly moving and having to adapt to new surroundings changes the way in which you react to new situations, making that very adaptation easier every time.

So…get yourself maps, avoid 5-star hotels and take off to explore new worlds and new cultures to get a fresh perspective in your life. Work can wait, trust me. Infact, you have deserved this break to live a little…..


I believe that it’s good to lead an exciting, dynamic life. While work does keep me engaged and happy, a break from the same old boring career routine helps break the chains of monotony so that my creativity (as well as productivity) can soar higher than ever before.

I sincerely hope these inspired ideas do help you to achieve better, greater things in life as well!



Tired of your monotonous life? Would you like to break free of your career routine? What according to you is the perfect way to take an inspired break? Write in!

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