My Tips: 10 Ways To Reduce Stress This Year

If you are feeling stressed out, it’s probably because you made very little time for yourself this year. Try these guaranteed tips to revive and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul this year!
If you are feeling stressed out, it’s probably because you made very little time for yourself this year. Try these guaranteed tips to revive and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul this year!

The year is passing by at break-neck speed; Springtime is over and Summers are already almost upon us. Yet, there is still a long way to go before we can bid this year adieu, and most of us find that as the year dawns to an end, our stress levels are on the rise.

Blame it on all the hard work and changes you have gone through the year, or call it a sense of monotony when you realise that almost half the year is over and you’re still no closer to your defined goals.

In either case, you can greatly benefit by trying out these 10 sure ways to reduce stress this year, so that you bid adieu to 2015 with a smile on your face.


  1. Start a fitness program

It never hurts to look and feel good, and nothing does that better than working out. Not only will a new fitness program ensure that you look smoking hot rocking the latest trends this summer, it also helps release ‘feel good’ hormones in the body that keep stress at bay. Additionally, it will also prevent heart diseases, hypertension and high cholesterol levels – all of which are the bane of a stressful lifestyle.


  1. Contact old friends

Get in touch with old friends on Twitter and Facebook. Not only can you avoid all the stressful topics in your life as you make a fresh start with an old acquaintance, you never know where you might meet someone interesting who could possibly become a love interest or a very special friend in the least!



2 - freinds



  1. Weekend getaways

You might have a family get-together planned for the summer vacations, and I won’t be surprised if that has added to your stress levels in some ways! But to fight stress right now, plan a short weekend trip that is all about ‘You’. Relax, have fun and get back feeling better about yourself and excited to get back to work.


  1. Learn to cook

Cooking can be a great stress-buster, especially if you learn how to cook all your favourite comfort foods. Imagine not having to order in and wait around on a bad day, but to spend some well-deserving hours in the kitchen to prepare a meal that will brighten up your day and warm your soul!


3. cooking


  1. Try meditation

When all else fails, fall back on meditation. It isn’t hard to learn; all you really need to do is close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing while you brush aside all negative thoughts from your mind. Try it; we promise this is not just one of those overrated things you read about in magazines, but is truly worth all the popularity it has garnered in recent years.


  1. Explore an old hobby

Did you love to paint or sing but gave up on it because you never seem to have time anymore? Well, make time! Whether you loved making your own jewellery or enjoyed gardening, exploring old hobbies can give you the perfect opportunity to grow your own skill-set and give you a well deserving break spent doing something you absolutely love.


Woman Painting
Woman Painting



  1. DIY projects

Be it installing new shelves, making a new shed or giving an old outfit a new makeover, DIY projects are a great way to relax and unwind without having to spend a lot. The added advantage of using your time to do something constructive that will bring you a lot of satisfaction later on makes this a must-try stress busting tip.


  1. De-clutter!

Find it so stressful to manoeuvre around your closet every morning to find something you can actually wear to work? Spend a few hours every weekend de-cluttering your home! Start with the closets and then hunt through the kitchen, living room and the garage for things you no longer use. It will remove the stress of finding ‘something productive’ to do over the weekend, with the added bonus that you will feel great about yourself when you drive down to the local charity and give all those things away to the less fortunate.

5. woman-cleaning-closet


  1. Redecorate

Redecorating your living spaces will help you use your creativity, a sure shot way to beat stress. It could be painting a new headboard, getting a new cabinet or rug for the living room, or simply doing up the walls in a new colour – all of these will let you spend your time doing something that turns out to be beautiful while you forget all about the things that stress you out. And think about how lovely your home would look come Christmas, giving you all the more reason to throw a great party!


  1. Pick up that book

Reading is one of the easiest ways to unwind and relax; as you can lose yourself in to a whole new world that lets you forget about your worries and live someone else’s life; even if just for a while. When the going gets tough, pick up that book you have been meaning to read and immerse yourself into an alternate reality that leaves you feeling refreshed, maybe even thankful for your own life!

6. read

What do you do when you feel stressed? Do you think these tips will help you reduce your stress so that you can relax and unwind? Would you like to tell readers your own secret tips to de-stress?


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  1. Sameer Khullar says:

    Nice one… Good timing for me also… Need to de-stress these days…

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