8 DIY Furniture Ideas For A Small Space

Living in a small apartment is all about making smart use of space, organization and multi-purpose furniture.

A tiny apartment will put your space management skills to test, which is why I love these 8 DIY hacks to get more use out of less space!

The Slim Entrance Console

Who doesn’t like the idea of a lovely console entry table? What you need is a smart, efficient idea that takes less space, yet offers the same function and aesthetics element.

1Image Credits: http://www.shanty-2-chic.com

Build your own skinny console – cut up the old bulky one in half, or build a narrow ledge supported on bulky dining table legs from an old table that’s ready to throw out.

2Image Credits: sarahmdorseydesigns.blogspot.in

Or, buy an old second-hand circular table at a thrift store, and saw off half of the table to create a slim console. Paint in a pretty colour, and anchor it to the wall with easy-to-install brackets. Your slim console is ready!

The Makeshift Display Rack

Whether you want to display your dishes and platters to integrate them with your décor, or simply want to display your book collection, these are two of the top DIY slim, space-saving display ideas.

5Image Credits: roomsforrentblog.com

Use up space between two doors to hang up rails along the wall, a thin rail over a thick bottom rail (this one flushed to the wall) and create a DIY display rack.

859382dffe4b5cde648363ea2b0c26a4Image Credits: wefollowpics.com

Or, get creative, and use crown moulding to prop up books, candles, photo frames and more! They can be cut to any length and installed easily, plus they are narrow enough to store knick knacks without the need for a bulky bookrack or display cabinet.

The Versatile Sofa Arm Tray

Have a lovely, plush sofa but nowhere to perch up your drinks and snacks when you watch TV?

3Image Credits: http://www.etsy.com

Try this simple fitted tray can be made with nothing but blocks of hardwood board, furniture glue, and some dark wood polish to finish.

4Image Credits: http://www.etsy.com

Want to take it a step further? Try this awesome sofa arm perch tray that also offers extra space to keep magazines handy, despite the slim space-saving design!

The Wall Art Doubles Up As Pull Down Table

This is a rather clever idea, perfect for teeny tiny apartments.

9Image Credits: handimania.com

Create a cosy breakfast counter or a handy workspace with a piece of wall art, simply by altering the frame. It could be a table that folds up and fits into the wall to become a grand mirror.

10Image Credits: www.designer-daily.com

Or, convert a favourite wall painting into a foldable table by re-creating the frame.

Have any other cool space-saving hacks for small apartments? Write in and share your DIY furniture ideas!

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