Blogs I Love: You Look Fab

There are some people who like fashion and make a career out of it. And there’s some who live and breathe it, understand it, research it, and share their passion and knowledge with others.

There are few people in this world who understand fashion and style better than Angie Cox of You Look Fab. At age 45, Angie is one of the most beautiful and stylish women I have ever laid my eyes on. Her style is fresh, modern, on-trend, and yet 100% unique. She started YLF in 2006, and the blog recently celebrated its 10th birthday! How awesome is that!

angie 1She is true to what she believes and not the trends, and yet she believes in the “Never Say Never” ideology. I remember a time Angie wouldn’t ever think of sporting ankle length cropped pants because they tend to shorten the leg line, and yet she rocks them with panache today. She perfectly illustrates Coco Chanel’s famous words: Fashion Fades and only Style Remains the Same.

Angie is authentic and connected to her readers. Over the years, she and her amazing husband Greg have taken YLF from a basic WordPress blog to an entire community. Not just blog posts of Angie’s clothes and style advice, YLF has shopping resources and one of the most interactive and helpful forums I have found online. YLF readers can create their own blogs, they have very active threads where members can even link series of photos and links and request advice.

angie 2As a forum member on YLF, I can tell you that nowhere else on earth will you find a more gracious, helpful and warm community of like-minded fashion enthusiasts. Whether you want advice on how to sport a trend, cannot decide if a particular piece looks good on you or not, or simply want to share outfit photos and get constructive, encouraging feedback — YLF forum is the place for you.

Angie inspires me every single day. You Look Fab is one of my favorite blogs…one that I read every single day without fail. Even when I am traveling. I love the fact that Angie (or Inge – the moderator on the blog and another super stylish woman) updates the blog every day from Monday to Friday…and that’s my reading highlight for the day. Angie’s keen eye for fashion trends, and how to make them more ‘wearable’ for a regular woman irrespective of her age, size and location, is one of the reasons I find YLF completely addictive.

angie 3

You Look Fab has one of the best and most elaborate body type dressing guidelines I have ever come across. Angie wrote the first set of guidelines soon after starting YLF, but did another refresher round in 2014 to keep her advice current and relevant with changing fashion. And Angie goes one step ahead with Beyond Body Type Dressing Rules, which really make her stand out as a Fashion Stylist who truly believes that the best way to be stylish is to have fun with fashion (It’s also her No. 1 rule).

While YLF is more popular as an Over-40 Fashion Blog, I see no reason why younger women cannot enjoy the blog every single day. I do. What makes Angie stand apart from other bloggers is her relentless pursuit to help women focus on dressing for the life they truly live, not the one they wish they had. She is all for fun but also no-nonsense, and doesn’t encourage anyone filling up their closets with stuff they won’t get to enjoy in reality.

Angie recently decided to take a stand for her summer body, age spots, pale skin, spider veins and all….and I simply loved the post. A must-read!

If you have time to only read ONE fashion blog on a regular basis, make it You Look Fab.

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