5 Essentials To Pack For a Beach Vacation

Headed for a beach vacation? Don’t forget to pack these 5 must-essentials in your carryall!

Summer is the perfect time to travel -indulge and pamper oneself by taking a vacation.

What could be more alluring than the idea of lounging at a warm, sunny beach to forget all your woes! So, if you are looking to find stress-free packing tips for your upcoming vacation, here are the 5 essentials to pack for a beach vacation!


  1. The Versatile Kaftan

std_300_0-1455606940Famous By Payal Kapoor Purple Cotton Kaftan, Rs 824

A cool, printed kaftan becomes the very epitome of stylish beach culture, and is a must-add to your travel bag. It’s extremely versatile too! Use it as a cover-up for your swimsuit while you lounge around the beach sipping on cocktails, or belt it up at the waist to become a pretty, summery dress that is perfect for having a casual dinner with friends.

Next-Mink-Kaftan-4047-7693012-1-pdp_slider_lNext Mink Kaftan, Rs 3890

 A light, breezy kaftan paired with slacks or cropped pants is also a comfortable (yet stylish) outfit to go shopping at the local bazaars when you want to pick cute little souvenirs to take back home for friends and family! Natural fabrics like cottons and silks are best, because they breathe easy and are super skin-friendly in humid weather.

  1. A Pair Of Trendy Flip-Flops

Ipanema-Black-Flip-Flops-9137-2333602-1-pdp_slider_lIpanema Black Flip Flops, Rs 999

 Sandals are great, but cool flip-flops are even better. In fact, you can find really amazing and rather dressy designs these days, so we say splurge on one! The right pair of flip flops is also very versatile – ideal for a stroll on the beach, or when you are lounging around the swimming pool.

72761_6ca030136a6ae2b83887b4318866acb7_image1_zoomKOOVS Printed Flip Flops, Rs.295

 Pick a trendy design in a pretty colour and you can also pair them with all your shorts and summer dresses while you explore the local sights, removing the need to pack another pair of flat sandals. However, don’t forgo comfort. If your feet are going to spend all day in flip-flops, it is best to choose a padded, cushioned design that is super comfy, besides being stylish.

  1. Reliable Sun Protection Cream

Lotus-herbals-Intensive-Sunblock-Spray-SDL162693558-1-dcfaeLotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sunblock Spray SPF 50, Rs 276

A beautiful tan is highly desirable, and I am guessing, you are already looking forward to get one. However, sunburns are not so great. So don’t forget to pack a powerful sun protection cream with a high SPF, and take a big tube!

original_CWNeutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF-50, Rs 424

You want to apply sunscreen all over your body and not only the exposed skin areas; the harmful UV rays of the sun can penetrate through your clothing and still cause skin damage.

  1. A Pretty Print Lightweight Shawl

Shingora-Pink-Printed-Shawl-4208-4291471-1-pdp_slider_lShingora Pink Printed Shawl, Rs 1895

Most travellers get cold on flights, and the cool sea breeze can be a tad chilly towards the evening. A light cover-up that is easy to pack, easy to carry around, and super pretty is exactly what you want, right? Nothing fits the bill like a pretty printed lightweight shawl!

shawlBlue Multicolor Cotton Shawl By Jaipur Kala Kendra, Rs 1655

Use it to stay warm during the flight, and later wear it as a scarf with your pretty beach dresses. In fact, if you are the kind of person who likes to pack a capsule wardrobe for vacations that comprises of only neutral colours, a pashmina with a pretty print is the easiest way to jazz up your outfit and bring in a touch of lively colours!

  1. A Cute Beach Hat

Next-Black-Monochrome-Jacquard-Floppy-Hat-5118-5756681-1-pdp_slider_lNext Black Monochrome Jacquard Floppy Hat, Rs 1690

A cute beach hat will keep the sun directly off your head and face to keep you cool, and also makes you look a lot more stylish on your vacation! Too much sun exposure on your facial skin causes skin damage, which in turn causes premature signs of aging.

hmprodH&M Straw hat, Rs 999

Look for a hat that is made for travel – it should be light in weight and have the ability to flex and fold, so that you can easily add it to your carryall bag. Match it with a cute beach tote, and you’re going to look and feel like a million bucks already!


My Special Tip: Use your large beach tote as your carryall cabin luggage and pack these 5 essentials along with a clean pair of underwear, swimsuit, sunglasses and your wallet in it. That way, even if your checked in baggage doesn’t make it on the same flight as you (and sadly, that does happen sometimes), you are still well-equipped to start your beach vacation free from stress.

Have a fabulous beach vacation!

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