Blogs I Love: Put That Cheese Burger Down!

I don’t read many health blogs on a regular basis. As someone who is very interested in health and fitness, I prefer to read journals and news story rather than blogs. Truth be told, I can’t really relate to most health and fitness blogs…I like to stay fit without letting food and exercise take over my life.


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But Put That Cheese Burger Down is no ordinary blog. It will give you a stringent list of “Eating Rules” or tell you that there is only one way to have a trim waistline – brutal crunches. No…. Put That Cheese Burger Down is more than that. It’s a blog that propagates the idea of “Love Yourself Enough To Treat Yourself Well”. And that I can get onboard with!!!

Put That Cheese Burger Down is the brainchild of Neha Ghosh – A fitness enthusiast, a Certified Nutrition and Diet Therapist, and a lover of everything luxurious and calming. She loves to read (and share) about latest fitness trends and is a huge fan of cross fit and yoga. This is how she describes her blog in her own words:

This website is a zero bullshit information guidebook for those who wish to get fit, but without feeling like they are giving up the best things in life ( pepperoni pizza, anyone?) It’s all about simple steps one can take every day to feel great and look fabulous. It’s not about eating salads and doing endless hours of cardio. It’s time to get better, faster, stronger and healthier.

Neha is REAL. Just a normal person like you and me, trying to find the perfect balance that results in a healthy and happy life. Don’t believe me? Try reading this post I enjoyed a lot!


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Categories covered on her blog include: Fitness and Workouts, Sexual Health, Mental Health, Holistic Healing and Recipes. And man….are her recipes good or what?!!! I try to follow at least one every week, and I have to confess — it changes the way you think about “health food”.

So, if you are interested in adopting small lifestyle changes that will all make a huge impact on your overall fitness and wellness, I highly recommend Put That Cheese Burger Down.

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