Is It EVER Okay To Wear Leggings As Pants?

It’s not hard to understand the allure of leggings. Who hasn’t dreamed of replacing stiff denim with a pair of stretchy pants you can wear everywhere from the gym to work to drinks with the girls? It’s time to settle this debate once and for all—and the answer isn’t quite as simple as a yes or a no. Should you wear leggings as pants? Well, it depends on the situation.

I find leggings to be acceptable when worn one of two ways: as activewear or as a layering piece. When worn alone, leggings should be left for the gym or yoga class. In fact, a good pair of thick black leggings paired with a cute sports bra can make for very chic gymwear.

Another great way to utilize leggings is as a layering piece. They can provide the perfect way to wear a sheer dress. Ultimately, leggings have plenty of uses—they just shouldn’t be worn on their own unless you’re planning to work up a sweat.

Check out some of my favorite looks featuring leggings.

joanna-krupa-in-leggings-after-a-workout-in-beverly-hills-july-2014_1Joanna Krupa in Leggings. She looks great post workout!

are-leggings-as-pants-ever-okay-a-celeb-stylist-settles-the-debate-1769318-1463184038.640x0cGigi Hadid looks chic in her leggings outfit, though she makes it look like leggings can actually be work as pants!

are-leggings-as-pants-ever-okay-a-celeb-stylist-settles-the-debate-1769323-1463184038.640x0cCandice Swanepoel rocks Yoga Leggings

Kendall-Jenner-Athleisure-gym-clothesKendall Jenner is the undisputed Queen of Athlesiure. She makes cropped top paired with leggings look like perfectly acceptable Street Style

jennifer-aniston-in-leggingsJennifer Aniston looks chic in leggings paired with a tunic top…just how I like to wear mine too

Beyoncé pairs her Isabel Marant kicks with leather leggings

Karolina Kurkova wears a button-down shirt, white blazer, leggings and white trainers. Now this I LOVE!

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