5 Gorgeous Colour Combinations Using Leather Couches

Leather furniture adds a warm, inviting yet classy look to interiors. Leather is one of the most luxurious and sophisticated materials for home decor. It is easy to maintain, durable and practical. Available in both faux and natural leather in a multitude of colours and textures, a comfortable piece of leather furniture is a classic- an all time favourite.

1Image Credits: www.pinterest.com

Yet, many people struggle with complementing the elegance and sophistication of leather with the casual playfulness of colourful interior décor. So, how to use leather pieces when your décor style is eclectic and partial towards bright hues and bold prints? Here are some rules to follow!

 1. Blue, Brown and White

2Image Credits: www.houzz.com

There is something about this colour scheme that feels bohemian. Embrace this casual look with funky patterns, white walls and lots of natural elements, such as light timber, rattan basket, sisal rugs, etc. Do not hesitate to add a hint of other bright colours through a patterned rug or funky throw pillows.

2. Black, White and Red

3Image Credits: www.decoist.com

A leather couch is stunning and comfortable, perfect for any modern home. And while brown and black leather sofas also look great with a vintage decor theme, a bright coloured leather sofa makes an instant statement. Pair a bright red statement leather couch with black and white colours so that the couch itself is the star of the decor theme.

 3. Teal, Brown and Grey

4Image Credits: www.apartmenttherapy.com

Teal and brown are a classic colour combination, but a touch too boring for someone who loves a lot of colour. Add a warm grey to the mix, and you have the perfect colour palette for a warm, inviting living room! Don’t be afraid to add a few eclectic touches – like hot pink cushions, a patterned rug, and some bright cushions.

4. Orange, Tan and White

5Image Credits: www.pinterest.com

A very contemporary decor palette, this gives you the perfect opportunity to take that old tan leather couch and make it a part of your modernistic decor! Use orange in splashes – a throw, a rug, or some cushions. And use white the ‘ground’ the whole design and keep it from becoming too overwhelming.

5. Browns with Pastels

6Image Credits: www.apartmenttherapy.com

Like your expensive leather furniture to be a neutral colour so that it transcends trends? That’s a good strategy and brown leather works wonders. From a deep tan to a chocolate brown to a distressed cognac – all shades of brown leather work. Pair it with pastel colours to soften the look and add a punch of colour. Think light blue, soft coral, dusty pink, pale orchid, sage green, light grey and light brown. Bring in some texture with linen, wool, velvet, glass and exposed polished wood.

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