10 Kitchen Hacks You’d Wish You Knew Earlier!

Love cooking but rarely have the time for elaborate cooking preps?  If you want to save some time (and urmm….effort) the next time you’re in the kitchen whipping up your newest concoction, here are 10 kitchen hacks that everyone can use to make cooking easier.

herbs1. Like to cook with fresh herbs? You don’t have to chop them up every time. Simply chop a bunch of herbs and freeze them in olive oil using regular ice-cube trays. Use a cube to make easy sauces, stocks and curries!

53592beedbfa3f497a001fdf._w.540_s.fit_2. Make hard boiled eggs in a jiffy by pressure cooking them. Simply add eggs and water ina pressure cooker and wait for it to whistle. Mind you — Just one whistle, or the boiled egg will burst through the shell.

brown sugar3. For a quick fix, microwave brown sugar next to a small glass of water. The moisture within the microwave will help break up the block of sugar easily.

TK-Blog-Fresh-Ginger-Dressing-034. Ditch the peeler in favor of a spoon to peel finicky ginger root.

PeeledPotatoes-Article-155. Time to ditch the peeler again!Peel a potato in a snap by boiling it and then giving it an ice bath. Then you can easily pick the skin right off.

grated-cheese-961152_960_7206. Before grating semisoft cheeses such as fontina and fresh mozzarella, freez it for about 30 minutes.

chopped-onions-homemakerchic-com7. To stop onion-induced tears (and waste time dabbing at your burning eyes), freeze the onion before chopping. Note: This trick only works if you’re planning to cook the onions later—otherwise, after the onion thaws out, the raw pieces will be a bit soggy!

tip-test-ice-cubes18. Have a big summer garden party and you need a lot of ice? Boil water in the kettle, and then pour into ice trays and buckets. Boiled water freezes a lot faster than water at room temperature.

maxresdefault (1)9. Rolling citrus on a table or counter before juicing in a citrus juicer gets more juice. Freezing juice portions in ice cubes trays makes its so much faster to drink lemon water upon rising that bit quicker. Add hot water and wham it’s done!

5124045fd9127e3d0b003a6d._w.540_s.fit_10. Love fresh garlic? But hate that it takes soo long to peel only to make your hands smell like you work in a garlic farm?Microwave the head of garlic for about 20 seconds and the peels will slip right off.

Share your own favorite time-saving kitchen hacks in the comments section below!

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