Blogs I Love: Little Grey Box

I love to travel and I also love to read about traveling tips, advice and funny travel stories. I came by Little Grey Box rather accidently, but I can assure you that its one of the best, funniest, and most relatable travel blogs out there.

img_1186The brainchild of Phoebe Lee, an Australian-based travel writer and blogger, Little Grey Box has come a long way since I started following the blog a little more than 3 years ago, as it has now become Phoebe’s full-time career and a meeting point of her two greatest passions; travel and intuitive living. Through her blog, she focuses on sharing practical guides, information and reviews with a focus on being fun, relatable and easy to read.

In 2015 her husband, Matt, joined her in running LGB full-time and freelance as a Videographer and Graphic Designer. You can see how passionate e is about traveling and the great outdoor through his brilliant photography! They travel the world together, with Matt helping his lovely wife capture beautiful moments and share them in a creative, unique way through video and photographs.

img_18081-e1403755456673LBG has a ton of travel stories, travel guides across 6 continents, vlogs, insights and reviews. If you love to travel, Phoebe will tell you exactly what to do at your chosen destination (should she have traveled there) and you can also read reviews of her favorite eateries, hotels, pubs, spas and more. However, while I love to know all about Phoebe’s travels, my favorite part of the blog is Phoebe’s Column.

Though Phoebe is young, she is wise beyond years. I have borrowed her words to become my very own mantra for personal growth and success – “I used to chase things, now I chase experiences. And there are a million things I’d rather see and do than buy”. I heard them first on her Great Barrier Reef Dreaming // Paradise Through Your Lens video. Powerful words…brilliant landscape….and it made me want to book my tickets to explore the Great Barrier Reef that very second!

img_3070Phoebe is a brilliant writer. She inspires others to travel and live an honest, authentic life full of the things they love most. She sure has inspired me. I am a huge fan of her blog, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it too.


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