This Is Why I Love Leopard Print?!

Gone are the days when animal print was seen as tacky and tasteless, now it’s chic to take a walk on the wild side.

1I simply love leopard print. To me, it is an iconic classic that will never ever go out of fashion, especially when done well.

2Leopard-print’s been around since the 1950s, and every type’s been wearing it, with every incarnation from unbelievably luxurious fabrics and cuts to the most odious and cheap.

3Yes, there are some things I DO NOT like in leopard…. for example – leopard print leggings worn as pants <gasp!> Like its soul-mate the motorcycle jacket, it is an iconic fashion imagery– that can be ultra luxurious, high fashion statement or tacky.

4As a pattern it’s one of my favorites right alongside polka dots and stripes. One key note I would make about leopard print is that one item is usually enough. Two pieces of leopard print are unlikely to match. I treat leopard print as a neutral, and as such, can be worn and matched with anything. That is, with the exception of itself. Leopard on leopard always seemed like something that’s way too tricky to pull off.

5And while leopard print looks great on a well-cut button down or a drapey top, I love it most in accessories. Leopard print bags, shoes, belts, scarves–they all kick a simple outfit up a notch. I like the way these make a bold yet classy statement.

6Leopard print–a detailed pattern made up of several colors–technically acts as a neutral when it comes to wardrobe styling. It works with both a colorful outfit and other patterns!

7Not only that, but you can wear the timeless pattern for both dressier occasions or romping around during the day. If you’re a t-shirt and jeans girl, this is the perfect way to create a more interesting outfit that looks like you put in some effort into styling your ensemble for the day.

If you are shopping in India, here are some of my top picks in Leopard print:

Dorothy Perkins Leopard Printed Tie Side T Shirt
, Rs 1253

Dune Emma Leopard Leather Clutch
, Rs 5099


Gen SH Coffee Leopard Print Lightweight Voile Scarf, Rs 904

TOPSHOP--60S-Animal-Shift-Dress-4302-4440991-1-pdp_slider_lTOPSHOP ’60S Animal Shift Dress, Rs 2495

51rvo31FZ5LFemme India Yellow Leopard Print Peplum Top, Rs 839

Begg_Shoes_and_Bags_1403604378_203576934_01Clarks Alicia Ava Leopard Print Belly Shoes, Rs 1399

penny_dreamwear_leopard_print_mid_thigh_nightdress_1.jpg_1Penny Dreamwear Leopard Print Mid Thigh Nightdress, Rs 718

N-Gal-Wild-Front-Cross-Leopard-Beach-Cover-Up-1996-906684-1-pdp_slider_lN-Gal Wild Front Cross Leopard Beach Cover-Up, Rs 570

in1416avvbltmlt-101-option-sblRoar Leopard Print Belt, Rs 599

Paprika-by-Lifestyle-Beige-Handbag-3107-8399491-1-pdp_slider_lPaprika by Lifestyle Leopard Print Handbag, Rs 2399


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