4 Essential Components Of A Chic Home Office

For those who work from home, a cosy and comfy home office is a must. And if you have ever worked from home, you would know how your home office design can directly influence your productivity levels through the day!

1 MainImage Credits: restorenation.wordpress.com

In short, a well designed home office needs to be functional but also comfortable. Plus, it should be a reflection of your own personality, and not feel too much like a corporate office setup.

2Image Credits: amazinginteriordesign.com

While you could buy readymade home office furniture at most stores today, DIY ideas are a lot more fun! So I am also adding some inspiring DIY chic home office ideas for you to try! With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the 4 essential components of a chic home office.

  1. The Desk

10-Home-OfficeImage Credit: blog.timelesswroughtiron.com

A stylish yet comfortable home office begins with the right desk. It’s easy to find a modular office desk or computer table at any furniture store, but restoring an old vintage wooden table and transforming it into a bright decor accent for your home office is even better!

white-lacquer-desk-Home-Office-Contemporary-with-cabinets-Chic-city-viewImage Credits: beeyoutifullife.com

If you have an old table lying around that looks dated, pick a trendy paint colour …or even simple white lacquer paint…and give it a quick facelift. It makes for a wonderful weekend DIY project, while you also get to re-use an old item that is in perfect working condition.

  1. The Chair

office chair makeover.25 PMImage Credits: ilovethatjunk.com

A comfortable work chair is a MUST if you want to comfortably spend hours working away in your home office, without having to deal with back pains and aches. But if a standard office chair is too boring for your style persona, reupholstering an old office chair into a fun, playful design is an easy option!

3 ChairImage Credits: www.crafthubs.com

A lot of offices re-design their interiors from time to time and sell all working furniture pieces at throw away prices. Grab one of these high quality chairs and give it a personalized makeover with a pretty printed upholstery fabric and coat of fresh paint.

  1. The Storage

rbk040115teamredhome_001Image Credits: redbookmag.com

No one likes to see stainless steel filing cabinets in a beautifully designed home. Yet, the truth is that these are actually easier to find than pretty filing cabinets and a lot more functional and roomy for all paperwork to be sorted, filed and locked away carefully.

paint-file-cabinet-05Image Credits: handimania.com

If you have an old steel filing cabinet, think of it as a blank canvas for a creative makeover! Use paint or wallpaper to transform the piece into a work of art over a weekend!

  1. The Organising

 Original_Aimee-Lane-contemporary-home-office_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960Image Credits: hgtv.com

Now this is where you get to have the most fun! There are plethora of ways to customize organising for your home office, so buying a new bookrack is not your only option. Get truly creative and transform an old replaced louvered window shutter into a mail/file organizer. Or, clip together shoe boxes to create a low height open book and file storage rack.

b56265530132a0da27fab5656cbf6d4aImage Credits: pinterest.com

You can also use a simple canvas organizer for sorting mail, or frame a pegboard and hang it above the desk to hold small items like tape, scissors, stationary, keys to the filing drawers and more. Or go ahead and use a candle holder to sort our thumb tacks, rubber bands and pencils!

So, redesign your home office, de-clutter and get organized with these simply DIY ideas! Not only are these cost effective, they also help you creative a very personalized work environment right in the comfort of your home so that you feel motivated and inspired to get-to-work every morning!

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