5 Mind Tricks For A Slimmer You!!!!

Most of us already know that the only way to lose weight is through the correct balance of calories in vs calories out. All successful weight loss programs result in a caloric deficit, by burning more calories than consumed. The healthiest approaches combine nutritious diets with full-body workout routines. Gradual weight loss is then a product of consistency.

But, here is the ugly truth — this is far easier said than done! Our bodies resist these lifestyle changes, especially in the beginning. With cravings and hunger as mighty adversaries, sticking to your healthy diet becomes a battle of will.

However, these 5 ingenious mind tricks for weight loss will enable you to conquer the mind, stay consistent and achieve the slimmer body you desire!

  1. Go Nuts For Blue!

look-at-the-color-blueAs far fetched as this one sounds, BLUE is an appetite suppressant color. Go Figure! One study found that eating in a blue room reduced food consumption by up to 33%! The color blue triggers the brain by making food appear less appealing. Upgrade your everyday crockery and buy everything in blue.

  1. Put A Mirror In Front Of Your Desk

masculine-home-office-black-deskAnother seemingly bizarre weight loss trick is to sit opposite a mirror. Yet,one study found it can reduce food consumption by up to a third! It’s believed that being able to see yourself makes you judge yourself objectively. As a result, you will keep tighter control over your eating.

  1. Put On Bright Lights When You Eat

abendbrot-939435_1280-1024x682Many restaurants purposefully create atmospheres that encourage customers to eat more. From dim lighting that lowers eating inhibitions to background music that speeds up the chewing of food. Try creating the opposite environment, you’ll be amazed how much less you will eat. Keep the lights bright and the music off at dinner time!

  1. Harness The Power Of Vanilla

DANISH-VANILLA-BEAN-70-HOUR-SOY-WAX-CANDLE-FROM-SCENT-OF-HOME-thefamilycompany.co_.nz-65Neutral sweet scents can dispel hunger and cravings. The aroma of Vanilla is another way to trick the mind for weight loss. In a study of 160 people, scented patches encouraged an average loss of 4lbs. Simply burning a vanilla scented candle at dinnertime could save you from craving dessert! Or, keep a bowl of Vanilla scented potpourri as your dining table centerpiece

  1. Take A Walk On The Spicy Side

food-1205257_1280-1024x736Studies found that cayenne pepper decreases appetite and may kick up your metabolism. So you’ll subconsciously consume less and burn more calories at the same time. Even the aroma of spicy dishes is potent enough to encourage smaller bites of your meal. For those not used to spicy foods, the effects are stronger!

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