10 Things People With Tattoos Hate

I like body art and sport 2 tattoos. My husband sports 7…and counting. If you’ve been tattooed, chances are there are a number of phrases that you have heard over and over again.

women-tattoo-sleeves-rtxnvso6Most of the time these phrases are actually people telling you things that they – for some reason – believe you haven’t thought about yourself, before deciding to get a tattoo.

Here’s 10 things you’ll only know if you have tattoos…and probably hate to hear as much as I do!

  1. You are constantly told by everyone who doesn’t approve of tattoos that you will ‘regret them when you’re older’.But, unless you’re one of those people who get tattooed when they’re drunk on a holiday in Goa, chances are no, you won’t regret them when you’re older. I certainly don’t.
  2. You get asked what your tattoos mean on a weekly basisBut sometimes, there is no meaning. You just really loved the design. How to make that sound cool?! And why do I have to repeat that story SO MANY TIMES??!!!download
  3. OMG, is that real?! I hate this one. Of course, it’s real! Tattoos aren’t stickers…and what self-respecting adult puts stickers on their skin?!
  4. Your BFF wants a photo. Why on earth?! It’s art, I want to keep it private (or risk point 7 in this list).
  5. You’re asked if it hurts like hell. Well….a 100 needles went through my skin, so of course it hurt. Like duh?!! But you usually just say “No it doesn’t”. Because who is going to launch into an explanation of why you chose to get inked despite the pain!
  6. You hate the “I Got Inked!!!” phrase on SM. You can’t stand those people who feel the need to state the fact they are ‘tattooed’ on their social media, especially when all they have is a tiny little star on their hip or ankle.
  7. Copycats irk you. It bugs you when you see people with the same design tattooed on them. Especially when as far as you knew, yours was supposedly an original design (aka, shouldn’t have posted a pic on Facebook).
  8. You have to explain to your mum why you got another one. Better yet, don’t tell her! If she has no idea how many tattoos you actually have, you don’t have to come up with stories!!
  9. People want to touch your tattoo to “feel” it. Hello…it’s a fresh wound. Could you please keep your germy hands away!
  10. How much did you pay for that? It’s in bad taste, in general, to ask how much a person paid for anything they own. Asking about the price paid for a tattoo isn’t any different.

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