Home Décor Accessories; The Rules Have Changed

Just like home interiors and home décor have gone through a world of change in the past few years, home décor accessories have changed too. Gone are the days when landscape paintings, animal skins, patterned Persona rugs, crystal flower vases and maximalist accessories ruled the interior design world. Today, home décor accessories have become bolder, smarter and yet more minimalist. The core rule — ‘Less is More’ now dominates professional interior design themes.

1Functional items like mirrors and wall clocks are now turning into stylish décor accessories. The bold colours, artistic designs, eclectic craftsmanship and stunning textures turn these mere functional items into a thing of beauty.

2Stylish, colourful and playful, a trendy wall clock adds dimension, depth and colour to your decor, becoming a simple yet sophisticated way to create a visual wall accent for any wall. Some feature a mélange of colours, others have a modernistic geometric design, while other channel a vintage vibe that is perfect for your eclectic décor.

3Pretty enough to keep in a bowl like candy, yet indestructible, colourful pebbles are one of the easiest ways to add colour and style to any room. Display them in a pretty glass decanters with some floating candles, or line them in an artistic serving tray instead of potpourri to make a stylish coffee table centre piece. You can also add them to a pretty crystal vase for a modern, bold touch.

4Metallic décor accessories can completely change the look of a space. If you don’t want to overdo it, go with only a few metallic touches in different finishes. Vintage gold and brass are making a comeback in home decor. The gold- leaf end table, brass metal ball and sunburst mirror in this look tie the whole room together while adding a touch of glamour.

5While fresh cut flowers were the norm a decade ago, today small live plants make excellent centerpieces. Buzzing with the exuberance of life, these décor accessories add a green touch to your living spaces.

Forget crystal chandeliers; flashy lights are the bold new trend! Copper is one of the newest metallic trends. Install decorative copper pendant lights in the dining room for an easy way to add interest to the space.

7A terrarium is a growing trend — a miniature indoor garden inside a glass container. The plants are low maintenance and are perfect for people who don’t have a green thumb or who don’t have time to care for a garden, perfect home décor accessories for small homes.

8Persian carpets and shaggy rugs are outdated ideas. As we make the move towards a ‘Green’ tomorrow, bamboo silk rugs are fast becoming a rage in home décor accessories. The lovely prints on these environmentally friendly floor coverings create stunning interior décor in a jiffy! Handmade is back!

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