8 Cool Storage Options For Your Tiny Bathroom

Hate the dearth of storage space offered by your teeny-tiny bathroom? A small bathroom, especially when it is shared with other family members, can soon start to look and feel cluttered and disorganized.

If you happen to have a small bathroom in your home, don’t consider yourself unlucky. You just need to design it in a way that it doesn’t seem like a cubby hole. It’s possible to make it stylish and create enough storage space even in a small bathroom.

Here are 8 easy small bathroom storage ideas —- designed to maximize the small space and keep your bathroom free from clutter. Now you can enjoy every square inch for the smallest room in the home with these simple yet genius ideas!

  1. Use Cabinet Door Space

1Image Credits: stickonpods.com

Have only one bathroom cabinet? A small space means things inside are cluttered and hard to access, right? Use the back of the cabinet to solve your problem! Use small stick-on organizers and hooks to neatly store smaller toiletries, perfumes and knick knacks behind the door, so that the shelves are not cluttered, and you have easy access to everything. Plus the cabinet becomes a lot more organized too!

  1. Smart Storage for the Shower

2Image Credits: macgyverisms.wonderhowto.com

Don’t have space to put up a wall mounted shelf for the shampoo, soap, and loofah? Simple – install a second shower curtain rod on the other side, and use small perforated baskets hung with shower curtain hooks to keep all bath essentials within easy reach! Isn’t that brilliant! Make sure you use baskets with holes, so water can easily drain out.

  1. Install Hooks

3Image Credits: architectureartdesigns.com

If dearth of space is making it hard for you to keep your bath paraphernalia organized, install hooks. This idea that install hooks to glass paneling is super cool!

  1. Built-In Storage Underneath Bathtub

4Image Credits: homecrux.com

Hidden under the bathtub storage is easy to make and oh-so-handy to store your shampoos, conditioners, bubble bath and everything you use during your long, relaxing bath!

  1. Double Up on Towel Rods

5Image Credits: marthastewart.com

Why just hang one when you can hang more? If you share your bathroom with the family and want to be able to hang 3 to 4 towels at a time, use the back of your door to install towel rods one above the other, and get more hanging space!

  1. Smart Hand Towel Storage

6Image Credits: diy-enthusiasts.com

Not enough space to use a wicker basket on the sink counter to hold hand towels? Don’t worry — this DIY project solves this problem too! Make a wall mounted towel organizer with old tin cans and some pretty floral printed paper!  It’ll also make your bathroom feel more like a spa.

  1. Put A Floating Shelf Above The Door

7Image Credits: marthastewart.com

Now this idea is ingenious—–put a bookshelf over the bathroom door to create a ledge that lets you store extras! You probably won’t want to store your most-used items up here, but you could put extra towels, cleaning supplies and extra toiletries elegantly tucked into a pretty bin on the ledge.

  1. Smart Pullouts

8Image Credits: apartmenttherapy.com

Have paneling in your bathroom? Turn wall space into easy pull outs! This is particularly useful near the bathroom sink to store toiletries and skincare essentials.

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