Looking For A Career In Fashion Styling?

They say it’s never too early to plan for your future, and we agree with that! So if your dream is to become a fashion stylist so that you can be the mastermind behind famous runway looks or get to coordinate everything to do with fashion like hair and makeup and wardrobes for celebrities, we are here to tell you where to start.

Fashion-Designer-ytctrsIf you want to be a trendsetter, then it is a wise decision to start a career in fashion styling right away. From the right courses to choose to the right way to get a break in to this competitive industry, we have it all covered in this article! Read on…..

Understanding Your Role and Responsibilities

Before you start your career in fashion styling, it helps to understand what stylists really do. While some are experts at runway looks, others work with a select clientele consisting of the rich and famous and ensure that their clients always look fabulous. However, some stylists work for TV shows and movies to dress characters as per their part, while others coordinate everything from clothes to accessories to makeup and hair for models and celebrities for their red carpet look or for photo shoots.

fashion-designerAdditionally, you will also need to learn fashion world terminologies, be research and goal oriented while also staying on top of all the hottest and hippest fashion trends, be versatile with your styling techniques so that they are perfect for print media, television, films or runways and also need to learn a few administrative and managerial tasks.

A good place to begin right away is to get started on a fashion stylish portfolio and also on your networking skills.

Is a College Degree Mandatory to Become a Success Fashion Stylist?

While many experts will tell you that the right educational background doesn’t hurt, it isn’t mandatory to get a degree or any formal education to make it big in the fashion world. While some of the most successful fashion stylists have several advanced degrees, there are just as many famous stylists who come from diverse backgrounds but are very passionate about fashion and hence doing very well in the industry.

What’s more important than a degree is to start on the right career path as a fashion stylist. You could begin by working as an assistant to a famous stylist and learn the ropes by firsthand experience. This is a great way to understand the smaller nuances that go in to styling; it’s not all about glamour and partying because this job can be demanding. However, some stylists like to start out on their own with a couple of clients and learn more about their role as they are exposed to everyday work challenges when on the job.

In all earnestness, as an aspiring fashion stylist, it’s recommended that you do take some classes to learn more about fashion, or get an internship before you start on your own to gain valuable hands on experience.

3There are all kinds of degree programs available to get you started. Consider a degree in fashion design, visual communications, fashion marketing, or fashion merchandising to get a head start. You could enroll in a private university or even at a community college or state university.

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Make sure you choose a course after careful consideration. Opt for something that offers you a mix of theoretical knowledge and hands on experience.
  • It’s never too early to start. Even if you are in college, make sure you stay on top of new fashion trends and market yourself constantly. You never know where you run in to the next client!
  • Networking is the key to success in this industry. If you think that someone could help you down the line with your career, make sure you stay in touch.
  • Last but not the least, work hard and don’t give up! It could take time to make your own mark in the fashion industry, but your persistence will surely pay.

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