A Stylish Workout Wardrobe Is Easier Than You Think!

Working out is a constant struggle. While on one hand you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve snatched waist, the motivation to get out of bed often just isn’t there. This is, basically, a universal truth. But there’s always a silver lining to everything and the silver lining here is cute workout clothes.
Sports-Melange-SS-14Let’s face it, there’s nothing like awesome athletic wear to inspire us to sweat. If you know there’s a fly pair of sneakers or some super cute leggings waiting for you to slip on, you’re automatically given a healthy dose of sartorial excitement. And, these days workout clothes have reached soaring new heights of cuteness and comfort, which explains the spawning of “Athleisure“ collections — for the growing number of women who are wearing their gear to brunch rather than going to the gym. So, a workout capsule really make sense!

Here is a quick look on how to build the right workout wardrobe based on your workout choices!

Running and Cross-Training

Running and cross training is hard work, but you can at least make it look effortless in a snazzy workout outfit. Plus, there’s no reason to change when you hit the juice bar or grab lunch with your girlfriends post-workout.

runners collagePRETTYSECRETS Cropped Workout Leggings, Rs. 1,299; Prettysecrets Flattering Black “Energise” Zip-Front Sports Bra, Rs. 799; Prettysecrets Black Cluster “Energise” Workout Tank, Rs. 1,199; Asics Gel-Fit Vida Pink Training Shoes, Rs. 5,599; Next Sports Trainer Socks Three Pack, Rs. 1090

Yoga and Pilates

Doing low impact workouts like yoga and Pilates doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. In fact, they are the perfect activities to get creative with your threads. Just imagine how good your Downward Facing Dog will look in these bold leggings.

yoga collageNIKE Legend Poly Tight Drift Leggings, Rs. 2,995; Prettysecrets Persian Blue “Perform” Racerback Sports Bra, Rs. 699; Prettysecrets Black Wild Cat “Energise” Workout Muscle Tank, Rs. 1,199; Nonie Comfort Floor Yoga Purple, Rs. 449; Puma Odius Dp Green Flip Flops, Rs. 489


We love that even the most practical swimsuits are now boasting design features like sexy cutouts and on-trend color-blocking. And when you’re finished with those laps, dry off in something other than those dingy gym-issued towels.

swimming collageNext Blue Space Dye Swimsuit, Rs. 2,693; Prettysecrets Fresh Aqua “Shining Star” Cover-up Dress, Rs. 549; Berry Purple Flip Flops, Rs. 419; Spread Zero Twist Roman Bath Towel, Rs. 896; Steve Madden Mgrogers Magenta Duffle Bag, Rs. 3,299

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